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Several have commented on the ads on my blog.  First, the ads are not there as part of my web host agreement.  I pay for my web hosting . . it is not hosted on a free site.

The ads generate income which allows me to offer the free patterns that most of you love.  Without the ads, I would be trying to get more of my patterns into magazines or selling the patterns outright.  The only ads on my blog are from the BlogHer ad network and I’ve found them to be quite tasteful and for the most part, very non-intrusive.  If you pay attention to the ads, there are quite often chances to sign up to maybe win $100 gift cards or get discount coupons.  Don’t skip over those ads . . there could be something there that would interest you.  BlogHer does a very good job of attracting ads that are of interest to our blog audiences.  Any time there are ads I don’t feel comfortable running (which has never happened), I can opt out of those ads.

I’m very happy to be affiliated with the BlogHer network and those ads are there to stay . . as long as they’ll have me.


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    Blog Ads are the way to go I think. It helps pay for your site and if a person doesn’t want to look at ads they do not need to. I have only one or two on my site my husband has a lot more on his — my husband and I pay for our blog sites also and between our blogs they pay for our sites.
    Thank you for having free patterns – I know a lot of us quilters appreciate that.

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    Thank you for the free patterns. I enjoyed them so much, I finally bought one of your books! And, as to the ads, I don’t find them intrusive or obnoxious, and it’s your blog – and you can do as you please, within reason!

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    I’m sorry Judy, but I’m the odd one that doesn’t like the ads. Especially if they have moving features. But, I guess I’ll put up with them if they pay for your blog/website. I didn’t realize you were paying for your blog. I just assumed it was a regular blog like some I read, and like my own. (free) I do read on some blogs that have tabs and links at the top, but still no ads. Heartstrings is one of them. I’m a bit confused I guess about what is free, and what needs to be paid for. I hardly ever click on internet ads, so you probably are not making much money when I visit. Sorry. I do love your blog– so maybe I should pay something by clicking. We are inundated with so much advertising in all the medias now that is probably why I find it annoying.

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      Mary says

      I also pay for my site and the HeartStrings site, Angie but choose to not have ads. There are free sites but I’ve found I prefer the choices that come with a paid site.

      • says

        Thanks for letting me know you both pay for your sites. I’m not sure of the how or why you pay for your sites—but, I enjoy them! Now I feel compelled to “click” on something, somewhere here. :o)

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    Mel Meister says

    I didn’t realize you paid for your site either. Like I said before, I understand why there are ads, but it doesn’t mean I have to like or patronize them. Ads are everywhere in our lives now, kind of like mosquitos… pesky and annoying.

    I find that money drives too many things anymore. It’s part of our life experience that I don’t particularly care for.

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    Ads or not, like others have said, it’s your blog and your choice. The one change you could make that would personally make ME very happy would be to change the RSS feed so that those of us that read blogs through feed readers could actually read yours without having to click over. I suspect the reason you don’t is related to those ads … but I will share will you that I most often do NOT click over because your blog is also slower to load than works for me …

    Your blog, your choice, but since you asked for an opinion, it seemed to make sense to share how your choices were limiting your audience … or maybe just me 😉

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    Carol says

    Thanks for paying for your site so we can enjoy your stories and patterns. Ads are everywhere. And, there might be one that takes us to another site where we’ll enjoy something else…..But not as much as your site Judy!

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    I just flew through Atlanta yesterday, 5/19/2011, one of the ads popping up on your site was for Atlanta’s Best. My daughter and I had bagels there yesterday morning. Yummy!!!