Another Good Salad

Any time we go to Joplin, we run by Sam’s Club to see if they have tuna.  They get it in fresh, never frozen and they don’t have it often but we’re real excited any time we can get it.  When we were there over the weekend, they had some.

The tuna steaks were cut into slices about 1″ thick and marinated in grated fresh ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, and a bit of black pepper and fresh chopped garlic.

In about half a stick of butter that was melted and just beginning to brown, the sliced tuna was barely cooked on each side and still quite rare in the middle.

The tuna was served while hot, over a bed of fresh lettuce and other greens, along with the dressing made from the Cinnamon Pear balsamic and olive oil.  That is a good, fairly healthy dinner!


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    Kate says

    Dear Judy, If you can’t find a place to live in Texas, feel free to move up to New Hampshire and live in my guest room. I’ll build on a room for your long arm machine. You may also have FULL USE of my kitchen. Do you think you could start with this tuna dish as your first exploration of my kitchen? I’ll even let you raise chickens! And it goes without saying, Vince, Chad and Nicole are welcome, too! 🙂

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    We are able to get fresh Ahi (yellowfin tuna) a lot… I have tried to cook it but am unsuccessful. A good friend’s husband cooks it great! My kids even ask for tuna when they go to their house.

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    Mel Meister says

    Tuna is filled with mercury and is on the FDA’s list of fish to not eat at all. Unfortunately, it is not healthy anymore.

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    You REALLY are a wonderful cook!

    Thanks for sharing all of your culinary masterpieces with us!

    I feel so inferior – I had whole wheat rigatoni with verde salsa and parmesan cheese…….(yes the salsa and the cheese were not created by moi….which means I basically boiled water for the pasta…..) LOL At least I didn’t make popcorn for dinner – I did that once – for real!!!!!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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      peggy says

      OK. That was a from the gut reply. Sorry. I would love to eat all the good food you talk about. Just can’t.

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      ruth anne shorter says

      Well, with cooking or in this case cooking lightly, and you are only eating your particular portion I don’t see how that is not okay! You use it just for flavor and I don’t believe the tuna would like absorb it all when you cook it the way Judy did. Looks delish!

      • says

        A half of stick of butter and we got 7 salads out of it so — what’s 1/7th of a half a stick of butter?