A Morning at the Dentist

What are you doing right this minute?  I’ll bet you’re having more fun than I am!

I’m at the dentist and I’m getting a new crown.  The second new crown in two weeks.  I like my dentist so figured I’d get everything done here before leaving.  I had a tooth that I thought had lost part of a filling but the tooth actually broke.  Goodness . . I do not like going to the dentist.

Last week Vince and I were out driving around and we saw our dentist, his wife and three children playing golf.  Vince said “I know that guy!”.  I said “Oh, yes!  And the kids . . we’re paying for their college!”  Vince couldn’t remember who the guy was (he doesn’t spend nearly as much time with him as I do!) and I had to tell him . . he’s our dentist!

So . . whatever you’re doing . . please think of me!  This won’t be fun.  Even worse . . we had to drop Chad’s money pit truck off at the shop this morning and then I took him to work before going to the dentist.  How much fun can a girl have in one morning?


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    I LOVE going to the dentist.
    My dentist has the best staff ever.
    I spend time visiting with them each time I go there and look forward to my visits.
    I’ll be paying another visit in about 2 weeks.
    some of them even come over to my house to visit me, email me and they read my blog at the office!

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    Oh my! I had to get a temporary crown last week and had to go back yesterday. I was having quite a bit of pain. He adjusted the temporary crown but I’m still having some sensitivity to hot and cold. Hoping the permanent crown will fix the problem. I love my dentist, but I always tell him I don’t like coming to see him. 🙂

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    I once saw a guy at a shopping mall and couldn’t figure out who he was but knew that I knew him. After a couple hours later, I figured out that he was the doctor that was on call and delivered my second daughter….I guess he probably “knew” me more than I “knew” him.

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    Your at the Dentist—I’m sitting here canceling our new Verizon Home Connect Service that I thought was such a great deal yesterday! Not! The customer service rep at the Verizon store failed to tell me that our Dish or the Dish DVR would not work with their Home Connect system. He was so sure to tell me our Fax wouldn’t work, but not the Dish system. So another trip to town this morning to make the return. I’m not a “happy camper”! But it sounds like you are not having so much fun either. I don’t like spending any time at the dentist or the doctors. Such a waste it seems sitting there!— when we could be doing so many more fun things! But, it all has to be taken care of. I don’t envy you having to find a new dentist, new doctor and all that other stuff that changes when you move. So, good you are tending to all that now.

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    I’m with Sue H on this one……laundry is lots more fun! At least you won’t (hopefully) have to shop for a new dentist anytime soon.

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    I went in a couple of weeks ago to have a crown redone and ended up having the tooth pulled! They couldn’t save it.

    I am definitely having more fun..

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    I was supposed to be at the dentist this morning, but my husband’s car had to go in for repair Monday. We still don’t have it back. Now I won’t see my dentist until July.

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    Exercising or rather stretching my knee – PT is hard painful work – I would rather be at the dentist… He’s got novacaine.

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    Sharon Spingler says

    Or you could have been like me and got a shot in the bone of my wrist!

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    JoanS says

    Got mine done just a little ahead of you this morning, Judy! Jawtooth crown, too. So glad that’s over!! Hope getting yours was as easy as mine!

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    Terri says

    I’ll stop whining about being at work now. I’d rather do anything than go to the dentist…..

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    I am getting my permanent crown put in next week. An old filling from when I was 8, that was 50 years ago! He said he could no longer fix the cracks…….lousy dentist.

    glen: I will be following in your footsteps next Wednesday.

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    Karen says

    I feel your pain. The dentist is my least favorite necessity. Take care. Treat yourself to something fun when you’re done.

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    I’m stuck in my recliner for the third day, keeping my knee above my heart and my ankle above my knee… with three young boys running through the house screaming like wild savages…trying not to ask my husband what the latest sound of breaking glass was because I’m not allowed to walk and can’t go see for myself….

    I got my own new crown last week.

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    Mel Meister says

    Even with the bad sciatic problems I’ve had lately, I think I’d rather have that then going to the dentist!

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    I can’t remember where I read this – but I once read that a survey showed that women would rather have a baby then go to the dentist. I think that my dentist in CA told me about this too! I wonder why this is?

    I believe that dentists have the highest suicide rate of medical professionals as well – so maybe they FEEL UNLOVED???

    I have to admit that going to the dentist is my least (REALLY LEAST) favorite thing to do and I LOVE my dentist!)

    Hang in there Judy!
    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    Oh Judy, I feel your pain – both with the teeth and the repair shop! Had a temp crown and then had to have a root canal, so to the endodentist I went, then to my regular dentist for the perm crown. Uggh – oh the root canal was 2 days b4 my b-day. For my dinner and lucnh I sent DH to the store for some miso paste and tofu. Both of our vehicles have been in the shop, twice each, for different repair in the last month. Bye, bye vacation.