He’s Such a Good Cook!

Chad loves to cook and he’s getting better about cleaning up after himself.  He was helping me go through the freezer and decide what we could cook this week and he decided he’d find a use for some ground pork.  I had two packs and I had a plan for one pack.  From Chad’s package, he made some kind of pork patties, breaded and browned them, then added a milk gravy, rose rice and corn that he cooked with butter and spices.

He’s going to make someone a really good husband!  🙂


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    Sherry says

    Of course he will. He was well raised by parents who like things done properly.

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    My son worked as a cook while he was in college. He’s a great cook. There’s nothing I love more than seeing him in the kitchen with his bride while they cook something up together!

  3. 5

    Sandy says

    Chad’s meal sure looks yummy. I hope Vince doesn’t read your blog, Judy or he is going to be salivating! My husband loves rice and I am also curious as to what rose rice tastes like.

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    Marilyn Smith says

    Judy – both my boys are great cooks. And, every once in awhile they call home for a recipe or my opinion when they entertain. Scott was a sous chef in college at a very high end place – did a lot of cooking too. Also did the oyster bar at one place. Todd just learned. Laura is a health nut and doesn’t really like to cook. Todd does all the cooking when he is not traveling. He is a great cook. Chad will be the same! You will be getting lots of phone calls!

    That dinner looked yummy!

  5. 7

    Pat in Washington says

    My son is a WAY better cook than I am. He cooks me dinner a few times a week and it’s so nice to come home from work to a house full of interesting smells. He especially likes to fix Indian recipes from Aarty Party cooking show. Sometimes just decadent garden burgers with everything (except meat!).