Note to Self Quilted

The Note to Self top had been on the longarm for several weeks.  Since the Road to Brownwood top is now finished and ready to be quilted, that gave me the incentive to get Note to Self quilted.  Because I’m too lazy to change the panto that’s currently on the machine and I don’t know yet how I’m going to quilt Road to Brownwood, or I would have loaded that panto on the machine and used it for Note to Self, I decided to do free motion feathers.

The backing was a piece of fabric I’ve had for years.  My hope is that I bought this fabric for a backing fabric.  Otherwise, I don’t have a clue why I would have purchased this fabric.

It definitely makes a good backing for a donation quilt!



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    pdudgeon says

    i made a simplified Note to Self (omitted the framing borders and just made 9 patches) for my daughter and son-in-law for Christmas last year. I used “Glace” fabric from Moda to include the spa blue and brown of their bedroom colors along with the red and green for Christmas. I made the quilt king sized by adding 9 patches and enlarging the borders, and my daughter who loves everything classic absolutely loved it! They slept under it on Christmas Eve.
    thanks again, Judy for the inspiration and the directions.

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    Can you believe I just headed to your pattern section? You have really been so generous sharing all these wonderful patterns. Thank you!

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    Durinda says

    I like the backing fabric! It picks up several of the quilt colors and looks like you chose it especially for this quilt. Great job as always! : )

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    Freda Henderson says

    Love it Judy. I need to get mine finished and quilted. Judy, I started making blocks from your brown monochromatic pattern. While making those blocks I found out my youngest son and his wife are having twins after in vitro fertilization. Guess what their quilts are going to be? Yep making them from the brown quilt only they aren’t all brown. Thanks for the pattern Judy.

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    That is a wild backing! I would like to see a closer- up Picture of the Quilting… Somebody will Love the quilt no matter what is on the back. It’s a Happy quilt. I think those wild fabrics sneak their way into our stashes. Have a great day.