Monsoon Season

Will it ever stop raining?  Friday Chad was out messing around with his pickup and I walked out to talk to him and noticed the water wasn’t draining in the storm drain!

I called the city and explained that something wasn’t right.  On my side of the street, there’s a creek that catches all this storm water so the water was coming over the ground and draining into the creek so that it wouldn’t back up near my house.

One thing I will miss about this town is when you call for help . . whether it’s storm water backing up or an armadillo I want to shoot . . they come very quickly.

The first crew arrived within 5 minutes of my call.  They tried to resolve the issue but could not.  The drain pipe was completely clogged with debris.  They called for reinforcement.

They tried sticking the pressure hose down the man hole.

They didn’t have much success going that route so they tried sticking it up the drain pipe.

Then more reinforcements arrived.

Wonder why the older vehicles are bright blue and the newer vehicles are navy blue.  I like the bright blue better.  No one asked me and my guess is  . . no one cares what I think.

Believe it or not, I had other things to do besides stand out there and watch the nice men at work.  Next time I looked out, they were gone and the water was drained as it should be.

Thank you very much to the City of Nevada for such prompt service!  I don’t always like everything you do . . especially that red tag guy (see his calling card across the street?) but I do appreciate how quickly you respond when there’s a need.


  1. 1

    QuilterB says

    How close are you to Joplin and the tornado? Did you get any of that weather?

  2. 2

    bizybess says

    I, too, was worried about you and Chad until you posted this. I take it ya’ll are okay. I guess the prompt service does come with a price.

  3. 3


    it is wet here in Arkansas too – too much rain and of course when it finishes then we will complain it is too dry = you might not have that problem in Texas – it will be too dry most of the time!! Glad the tornado didn’t get you!

  4. 4

    Katie says

    It’s raining, thundering and lightning up a storm in Fayetteville. Thank goodness I got up early and ran my errands and made it home before the skies opened up. I bought the fabrics for my first quilt — so guess what I am doing tonight? 🙂

  5. 5

    Alma says

    So glad you and Chad are okay!
    Thankfully, all my friends are not in the disaster area.
    Sure could have been a heck of a lot worse than a clogged drain. Great that the city responds so fast. You could be their Chamber of Commerce spokesperson!!

  6. 7


    Really glad you posted – everyone was worried about the weather out your way – what devastation and heartbreak for all concerned. Judy C

  7. 8


    Couldn’t understand what you were telling us until the last photo. That is great that the city is so prompt. This rain worries me as it will only add to swollen rivers. Prayers that the monsoon season will end for now.

  8. 10

    vlynn says

    Thank you for the info about Joplin. I was hoping you would update your readers. As for the color of the utility trucks, I work for a municipality and when we buy new vehicles, it’s the cheapest cost for color, in volume, that counts. Since I’ve been here, we’ve gone from brown, to orange, to tan, and now white.