Help for Joplin Residents

Ever since realizing the degree of devastation, and hurt in Joplin, I’ve been trying to come up with a way to help and a way in which my blog readers can help if desired.  I’ve come up with two ways in which you can help.

First, The Red Cross is, in my opinion, our best bet right now.  I know that you can donate online or via text message but here’s how I’m going to handle the donations via my blog.

This quilt is Shadow Stars from the Weekend Quilts book.  This is the quilt that’s pictured in the book.  It is 68″ x 92″.   I’m asking those who would like to participate to send to me a check or money order in the amount of $25 payable to The American Red Cross with “Help for Joplin” written in the memo area.  I will collect all the checks and deliver them to our local Red Cross office.  For every $25 that you send, your name will go into a pot and someone will win this quilt.  Payments need to arrive in my mail box by June 4.  The checks will be delivered to the Red Cross on June 6.  The drawing will be held on June 5.  If I receive more than 50 checks, I will do a second drawing for a second quilt and I’m thinking it will be this quilt.  It’s 72″ x 96″.  If we should get more than 100 checks . . I’ll donate a third quilt!  Help spread the word, ok?

The second way to participate is to send completed quilts to me.  Any size but please send new and washed quilts.  At this very minute, the people there probably do not need quilts.  They need food, personal toiletries, water and shelter but I’m thinking that before I leave here in mid-July, they will be in a better position to accept quilts.  I will collect the quilts, hold onto them and then my plan is to drive through neighborhoods or get with friends in Joplin and try to give the quilts to those who are most in need and who, to the best of my ability to determine, will appreciate them.  I’m not trying to be judgmental but when we tried to pass out quilts after a tornado in Kentucky, there were obviously people who were trying to get them to sell them and I’ll do my best to avoid that type situation . . though you know there are no guarantees.

I’m asking that the quilts arrive at my house by July 4.

My address is:

Judy Laquidara
713 Timberbrook Drive
Nevada, MO 64772

Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.  Thanks so much for wanting to help!


  1. 1

    Terri says

    I was thinking of donating to the Red Cross this morning, but I love your offer to deliver checks directly to the Joplin chapter! Mine will be in the mail tomorrow. I’m so glad you made it home safely, your post about that night gave me chills.

  2. 3

    Lani says

    Judy-I’m sending a check today and will get a quilt off before July 4th. The whole country is praying for Joplin.

  3. 4

    karen says

    I have been so sad for the people in Joplin and want to help. Love the idea that you will deliver all checks directly to the Red Cross. Mine will be in the mail tomorrow.
    karen in NE Indiana

  4. 5


    I was going to go donate to red cross on a reliable site but I like the chance of winning one of the quilts better – so I will send to you instead – I will look and see what I have – I think I have some baby/child quilts that area waiting for someone special.

  5. 7


    Can I copy some of the information from your site to put on my blog so that we can possibly reach more people? My check is going in the mail to you. Judy Currie in NC

  6. 9


    Thanks, Judy. I was going to ask you about how we could help your area. Check is on the way, and I’ll rummage through the closet and see what quilts I can come up with to send you.

    You take care with more bad weather heading your way! Don’t make me call you again!! xoxoxo

  7. 10

    Cindy in NC says

    Hope you’ve warned your mail carrier to brace for extra mail. What a great idea.

  8. 11

    Debbie says

    I am so glad you are okay and my heart breaks for every one who is dealing with the devastation. My cheque will be in the mail tomorrow. Thanks for making sure the dollars go to Joplin.

  9. 12


    The most absolutely,perfect thing to do! Now on my blog and on my Facebook with direct links to your blog and all of your information.

    This will be an amazing project for Internet quilters everywhere! Thank you for doing this for all of us, Judy. I know your heart will reach out and warm all of those surrounding you that are so needing of love and warmth, now.

  10. 13

    Katie says

    The Fayetteville community churches have provided trucks to carry all donations of food, clothes, baby items, toiletries to Joplin daily. When I see the sadness in the eyes of the people who lost everything from this storm it just breaks my heart. I love the idea Judy of having everyone send you a check that you can take to the Red Cross…It is going to take everyone coming together to help …but then again that is what Americans do — we take care of each other. I just heard that Oklahoma City has been hit by another tornado. Stay safe and prayers for the victims of these devestating storms.

  11. 15

    Kim Webb says

    I was wondering what the best way to help those in need would be. What a great idea. Thank You for doing this. My check will also be in the mail tomorrow.

  12. 16

    Perry says

    Judy this is a wonderful idea and if we hadn’t had so much destruction here today I would send you a check for Joplin. However, I think I will send one to local Red Cross. Lots of people are hurting here also. I feel so fortunate myself and my family are safe and have no damage.

  13. 18


    That’s a great idea. I love the chance to win one of your quilts and make a donation at the same time. Check will be in the mail tomorrow.

  14. 22

    lw says

    My check is on the way– I do think this is a great way to help. I wonder if one of the Joplin churches or social services could assist with distributing quilts?

  15. 23

    Darlene S says

    I will send you a check for the Jopkin Red Cross. Thanks for doing this. I’m so glad you made it through the terrible storm unharmed. Your cabin location was a beautiful sight. Dar in MO

  16. 24


    I am in Oklahoma right now- but I will get a money order off to you and when I return to NJ I will be working on quilts for Alabama and will send some your way also.
    Thank You for doing this.

  17. 25

    Pat in Washington says

    My check is in the mail to you tomorrow. What a great idea. (Pat in Washington AKA pcflamingo)

  18. 26



    Do you have PayPal? If I mailed a check right now via Diplomatic Mail… I don’t think it would get to the USA… let alone into the US Postal system in time to be in your mailbox (timing is iffy even if they maintain the schedule). But If you have PayPal and I have PayPal… INSTANTANEOUS money!!!

  19. 27


    What a great idea Judy! My check will hopefully be in the mail today. Thank you so much for your generosity.

  20. 28

    Ann says

    Thanks for doing this. I have made a few quilts for Alabama. They were so warmly received at the donation site. I just wanted a few kids to have something to hold on to.

  21. 29

    Sandi P. says

    A check is in my mailbox waiting for the postman. Thank you for doing this.

  22. 30


    Check is in the mailbox and a post is on the blog!

    Thanks for doing this, since it feels so much better to have a personal link to the area instead of just sending a check to ARC and not knowing that it will get there.

  23. 31


    I was thinking about finishing a childs top to donate as a comfort quilt. If a smaller lap size quilt is given to a child then I bet it won’t be sold. Or even taking the comfort quilts to area shelters and hospitals where patients were relocated…….
    Thanks for doing this.

  24. 32

    Isew says

    I know my aunt had a quilt given to her after the tornado in her town several years ago. She treasures it very much. She was very emotionally moved. They were distributed through the city clerk’s office (was a smaller town) – and was a couple months after the disaster when people were starting to get back on their feet.

  25. 33


    what a fantastic project to head up Judy and very generous of you to host a raffle of your beautiful Sunshine and Shadows!!! I just la,la,love that one!

    I facebooked it and will also blog about it this week too. I hope many from my facebook will click over and take a chance to help out.

    Thanks again and I hope there are lots of quilts to deliver come July!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  26. 34

    Jackie Warren says

    What a wonderful idea. You are the greatest, Judy. I am sending a check today. Allen and I gave a donation the other day but it doesn’t hurt to give more. We are so blessed. Our family and homes are safe. I feel that the home I used to own is gone. Some of my daughter’s friends lost their homes. Jackie

  27. 35

    Diana says

    Just want to say thank you for doing this! Am especially grateful the $$ will go to the local Joplin Red Cross. Quilters are such caring people! Hope you get a wonderful response. Mailing my check today!

  28. 36


    Hi Judy–I’d like to send you a quilt and a book. Why the book, you ask? This was a quilt I made for a guild challenge. We were supposed to choose a children’s book and make the quilt with a theme related to the book, and we were supposed to try a new technique. My new technique was to do my first mystery quilt, and since my fabrics were floral, I chose “The Secret Garden” as my quilt. The plan was to donate the quilts and the books to a local charity. But then I stopped going to the guild, and so I didn’t get in on the donation part. I have the quilt and the book, and I’d like them to stay together. It’s a quilt appropriate for a pre-teen or teen girl, I think. Would you be able to use this donation and keep the quilt and the book together? I can’t find a suitable charity that accepts both, but maybe you will. I can easily have it to you in a couple of weeks.

  29. 37

    Madelyn says

    Judy, thank you for what you are doing. As someone who has family who lost everything in that storm, I know how much this will be appreciated.

  30. 38

    Cindy from CA says


    I am sending you a check today. I really want it to go to Joplin, MO assistance.
    Thanks for doing this project!


  31. 39

    May Sisk says

    Judy, Great that you’re spearheading this help, I’m happy to send you a check for the Red Cross and maybe a quilt later on.
    May in Jersey an old Lexi from Alex’s MB.

  32. 40

    Marijke says

    Thank you so much for doing this! My check is on his way to you. I’m glad I can help a tiny little bid this way.

  33. 42

    Sherry says

    Thanks Judy. So kind of you to take your time to do this for the people in Joplin. Not to mention the quilts you are donating. Bless you. My check is coming from IL as soon as the mail can bring it! -Sherry

  34. 43

    Linda Gosselin says

    Thank you for organizing quilters in this relief effort. My donation is on its way!

    Quilty hugs,
    Linda G from Northbridge, MA