Lapel Stick

Recently I was asked to try Lapel Stick on my quilting projects and review it on the blog.  Since I don’t do applique or do any crafty things where glue sticks are normally involved, I was at a loss as to how I would try this product that would be a fair trial.

As I was getting ready to do the machine stitching on the Note to Self quilt, it dawned on me that I might could use the Lapel Stick to hold down the binding and not have to use a zillion pins.  If you’ve watched my binding video, you know that I place pins the binding about every 1/2″.  I use those little sharp pins and my left arm looks like I’ve been through the blackberry vines where the pins have pricked me.  Placing these pins in the quilt and removing them results in at least 6 or 8 pins in the carpet.

Once the binding was sewn onto the front side of the quilt, I rubbed the glue stick along the seam allowance of the binding on the wrong side of the quilt.  It doesn’t show in the photo . . which means the glue stick is completely clear.

Once the glue was applied, I flipped the folded edge of the binding over, barely covering the stitching line, kinda mashed it in place to set it with the glue and moved on down the line folding the binding over.  I did use a pin every 3 or 4 inches just to help secure the binding and keep it from snagging on something and coming undone.

Worked like a charm and the whole process took about half as long as it usually takes . . and because I was using less pins, I only dropped one!

The Lapel Stick folks sent me a couple of extra sticks so leave a comment and your name will go into the drawing to win one of two Lapel Sticks.


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    That sounds like a wonderful use for the Lapel Stick. I’ve not been very successful at machine binding because I can’t get it to look as neat as hand binding and that is due to my reluctance (laziness!) to pin every 1/2″. 🙂

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    I’d love to try lapel stick. I already glue my bindings down before machine stitching but I use Elmers glue and I have to set it with the iron. This seems MUCH easier.

  3. 6

    DebrafromMD says

    Wow, that sounds better than all those pins. I will have to give this a try.

  4. 7

    Gail says

    That sounds so much better than all those pins- I swear I must be magnetic, they are drawn to me and make a mess of my arms, too.

  5. 10

    Helene says

    I do your gazillion pin binding method (which is fabulous!) and would love to try Lapel Sticks.


  6. 12


    Wow! I never would have thought to do that. I’ve been hearing about this glue stick and it sounds wonderful for all around stuff. 🙂

  7. 13


    I would love to win one so I can try it on binding too! very clever use of the Lapel Stick product!

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    Quiltinggranna says

    I hate using pins to hold binding down because of all the sticks! Sometimes I do a zig zag stitch in the seam allowance with that thread that melts (and becomes glue) in the bobbin. Then fold the binding over and gently press down all the way around the quilt to hold it in place. Takes some extra minutes probably, but it’s in place and no pins involved. Would like to try this glue stick.

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    What a great idea!!! I have been wanting to try this with the wool applique projects I have but no local shop is selling this yet. I would love to try one!

  10. 17


    I have been wanting to try that product. Lapel Stick seems useful for all sorts of applications. Thanks for the chance.

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    Willie in GA says

    This sounds interesting.Would love to try it.I also have arms from the pins that look like I have been in a briar patch.

  12. 19

    Linda (Petey) Fritchen says

    You are so right about the pins! Just used you tutorial again to quickly finish a t-shirt quilt for a special graduate. It was done in about 3 hours using your method instead of 3 evenings doing it by hand!! Will try the glue stick even it I don’t win one…are they readily available?
    You are so helpful…thanks!

  13. 21


    What a great idea. Glue stick instead of trying elmer’s glue with a really fine point. I found that really messy. But a glue stick would be much easier. I’d love to try one of these.

  14. 23

    Mary says

    I would like to try the Label Stick for some of my machine applique. Maybe I could use less Heat and Bond. I would also like to try it on binding.

  15. 25


    Neat! I never would have thought a product like this would have the staying power to hold the binding in place. I’d love to try it myself!

  16. 26

    Andrea Polston says

    Sound neat!! I would love to try the lapel stick, I end up with pins everywhere I am always worried one of my dogs my step on them before I find them all..

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    Judy W says

    I have a quilt or two waiting for binding and this sounds like a great way to avoid pin pricks. I use long pins and they really hurt!

  18. 31


    This sounds good, Judy. I’ve heard of using glue before, but it had to be heat set (with an iron) in order to stick. If this stuff sticks without using an iron, it’s a major improvement! 🙂

  19. 32

    Linda Daughtrey says

    Oh WOW ! I do all my binding by machine. This would be a miracle product for me. Thanks so much for information that will make my life SO much easier.


  20. 34

    Teresa in Music City says

    Wow – I’d love to try it out! I use hair clips because pins used to beat me up so badly LOL! So glad to hear that you are safe after that storm too. Praying for the people of Joplin as they recover from such devastation. I can only imagine……

  21. 35


    I like gluing my bindings, too 🙂 I’ve started to use glue when I do applique (once every blue moon) and it is a great way to avoid sticking myself with pins!

  22. 36


    Sounds like a great idea on how to avoid getting your hands all stuck up with the pins. I wounder if it changes the fabric color or leaves any damage on the fabric? Is it sticky on your fingers.
    After I finish binding my quilts my fingers are always wrecked for a few days until they heal.

  23. 37

    patti says

    sounds like a great product — aren’t we quilters inventive when it comes to using things as they weren’t intended? i too use the same binding method for anything other than “heirloom” quilts which i hand stitch. those pins can be brutal! would love to try this; if i don’t win, do you know if it can be purchased in larger well-known stores?

  24. 38

    Jo Anne says

    Judy, I have heard of using glue to hold the binding, but have not tried it. Your binding always looks so neat, I will have to try your method.

  25. 39

    Sue Lord says

    I would love to give the glue stick a try. Between my blind dog and straight pins my hands always have cuts nips, and scratches on them. Is this something that you will continue to use? Would love to win! Sue

  26. 40

    Sibyl says

    sounds like a good idea using that lapel stick. would love to give it a try. Please put my name in the hat.


  27. 42


    Great idea! I to end up looking like a pin cushion after binding a quilt so this seems like a wonderful solution. Thanks for a chance on this giveaway!

  28. 43


    This is a great idea. I’m one of those pin people – pins in the pin cushion, in the quilt, in the doggie blanket. It would certainly eliminate most of the pins!

  29. 44


    It looks like an interesting product–I assume that because it was designed to use on garments that it doesn’t effect the fabric and washes out well.

  30. 45

    Karen S says

    That sounds like a great idea. I too am tired of pin scratches up my arm as I bind!

  31. 46

    Joan S says

    wonder why it’s called a lapel stick. I would love to try it on some applique projects.

  32. 47

    Rita says

    Sounds great. I do a lot of applique and would love the chance to try one. Thank you.

  33. 49

    KathyT says

    Would love to try this glue! Sounds like it doesn’t have to be ironed down to set it? Does it get gooey? Is there a narrow point or is it blunt like an Elmer’s stick?

  34. 52


    How neat. I hate using pins on the binding. I don’t know why I didn’t think of a glue stick. Thanks Judy!

  35. 53


    wow…i won one on another blog so don’t put me in the draw, but this is a great way to use it..thanks for the idea…

  36. 54

    WiAmy says

    I would love to try one. I have been playing with lots of different ways to “temporarily” stick things in place lately. I have found glue stick pens and love the shape of them. Maybe you could ask them to try making them thinner (there are not a lot of options for thin type temporary fabric glue sticks). Thin is easier to handle and I love the “temp.” glue instead of pins for paper piecing and pinning any difficult matches (ie: mitering borders, or bulky piecing intersections with points). It is exciting to hear about new products on the horizon.

  37. 55

    Linda H says

    A great use for the glue stick! All those pins take so much time and the pinning is hard on my thumbs. I definitely want to try this one. Thank you for trying it out and bringing it to my attention! –And for the chance to win one! 😉

  38. 57

    pat says

    I do applique I would love to try this glue stick.

    Lot’s of pricks and jabs from pins.

    I love that fabric the glue stick is laying on too.

  39. 58


    I use the hair clips and glue combo too. I haven’t tried this brand yet.
    Every time I see a quilt you have quilted with feathers, I swoon. 😉 You do such great work!

  40. 59

    lw says

    I looked it up– Lapel Stick is acid-free (means that your quilt will still stand the test of time and not be degraded by acid) and water soluble, so it’ll wash out. I’d love to try this, not for quilting, but with my serger, where a pin can destroy the cutting blades.

  41. 60

    Margery Jansonius says

    Would love to try it out. I have just begun an applique quilt. Am having a hard time getting started, lots of prep done, maybe this will be the catalyst.
    Thanks Judy, Marge

  42. 61

    Linda in NE says

    Definitely sounds like something worth trying. Getting poked by all those pins really isn’t much fun!

  43. 63

    QuilterB says

    I wondered what that product was used for. Thank you for the tip. Putting in and taking out pins can take up as much time as the sewing.

  44. 66

    Cindy M says

    I have never used a glue to hold my machine applied bindings. I would love to try this. I have 5 or 6 quilted quilts, just waiting for the binding… it has become my new stopping point. who can imagine?

  45. 67


    count me in! with 3 quilts sitting waiting for binding (2 of which need to be finished by tommorow) i could use a quicker way to finish….

  46. 68

    Rose says

    A glue stick comes in handy when you have a seam intersection that is stubborn and just will not match no matter what you do. Glue will hold it better than a pin–no shifting. Will need to try glue on next binding. Haven’t used your brand but would like to try it.

  47. 70

    SarahB says

    Oh, that’s a fantastic idea! Count me in the drawing so I can try it myself!

  48. 71

    vlynn says

    I’ve been scared to use a glue stick on my quilts. I don’t know anyone who has used one. But since you give such a glowing review, I’m definitely gonna buy one the next time I’m at the quilt shop. thank you

  49. 72


    I’ve used the Elmer’s glue method… messy and tedious. This looks like it would be SOOO much better! Please tell us where we can get these!

    Kat In Tamale Land

  50. 73

    Marilyn Smith says

    What a great idea! I am sure it would be faster than all the pinning and unpinning!

    Judy, you are brilliant!

  51. 75

    Cindy in NC says

    Even though I don’t applique, I bet I could find lots of uses for this product

  52. 77

    Gwynette in NW Arkansas says

    If the lapel stick stick works so I don’t have to use a gazillion pins to bind, it must be pretty good!

  53. 79

    Laura says

    I’m thinking about binding my next quilt by machine and that glue would be a great help.

  54. 80


    I’m always open to try something new and I almost always machine stitch my bindings. Sounds like a match made in heaven!

  55. 81

    Bonita says

    Sounds like a great idea for binding.
    Would love to try the Lapel Stick! Pick me!

  56. 82


    I’ve used glue for the binging before and love doing it but the glue sticks I’ve used get so messy! I’d love to try this one. blessings, marlene

  57. 83

    Carolyn Cortez says

    I admit, I have tried using your machine binding method but am not as meticulous as you. I didn’t pin enough. Would love to try again with the Lapel stick!

  58. 84

    Diane says

    Worked great!
    I have been trying to find a Lapel Stick to give it a try but have been unable to locate one. Hope I can win one of these. 🙂

  59. 85


    I would love to try the lapel stick, I do applique every now and then and would love to find something to help speed up the process.

  60. 86


    I just tried a fabric glue stick on a small binding and my machine needle did not like it. It was very sticky. Since I do applique also, I would like to be a test driver. Not sure I can buy it here, but will look for it if I don’t win.

  61. 89

    Kay Devaney says

    Truly a great idea. Thank you for sharing this tip. Definitely will buy this product and try it out. Best wishes on your new journey to TX. Kay in MN

  62. 92

    bizybess says

    This may be just the thing to get my machine binding to suit me! I hate it when the seam line is not consistant when looking on the back.

  63. 94


    I have been looking every where for that lapel glue stick!! Could you just send one to me, pretty please??? 😀

  64. 96

    Pat says

    I would love to try the Lapel Stick. I might even try it on binding. Thanks.

  65. 98

    Jackie Warren says

    Sounds like a good product. I, too, hate all of the pins on the binding. Am hand stiching a binding on now and there are lots of pins…..

  66. 101

    Pam says

    I use piped binding, but it sounds like the lapel stick would hold it down until I machine stitch. It would eliminate all those pins that I use and remove!

  67. 102

    Debbie in WA says

    The glue stick sounds like a great time saver. Thanks for your tutorial on machine binding too. I look forward to trying Lapel Stick.

  68. 104

    Mel Meister says

    I’d like to give Lapel Stick a try. I do a different kind of machine binding and should use 1/4″ Seam a Steam… but I HATE to mess with that stuff when it all unrolls and comes apart!

  69. 106

    NancyB in AZ says

    I will have to check Lapel Stick out. I use the clips to hold my binding down. Pins leave me bloody! Thanks, Judy

  70. 107

    Lynda Lott says

    I am learning to applique and to do paper piecing and I would love a chance to try the “Lapel Stick”. I use the hair clips that you bend and snap for the binding on my quilts. It is a big improvement over the pins and the briar patch feelings.

  71. 108

    Eden Hunt says

    Oh, I will definitely try this on the next quilt – I hate binding pins and I hate how, even with pins the binding can kind of ‘wave’ between pins. I think it would be an excellent way to keep it nice and straight even if you were doing machine binding – which I do once in a while to save time. Great idea.

  72. 109


    the lapel stick sounds wonderful, I usually turn my binding to the front maybe this would help me turn it to the back. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  73. 110

    Ellie says

    Sounds like a great product. I will definitely keep my eyes open for it and give it a try.

  74. 111

    Shelley C says

    Thanks for your review! I take it that it didn’t seem to gum up your needle either? I’d love to give it a try as well.

  75. 112

    Maryellen McAuliffe says

    Great use for a glue stick! I would love to try this brand. I use the clips and press the binding the way I want it, but still end up missing a few spots when stitching in the ditch on the right side. This idea might help! Thanks.

  76. 113

    Penny J Holliday says

    Hi Judy
    Tired of being stabbed by pins so tried those clips & certainly didn’t work like I anticipated! Would love to try that glue stick!
    Thanks ~ Penny

  77. 116

    Mona R says

    Yes, please I’d like to win a Lapel Stick. Also, wondered about using the Superior Threadfuse in the bobbin? Even with the bazillion pins, it’s still a GREAT way to machine stitch down binding. Love it. Thanks, Mona

  78. 118


    Judy… Will definitely be looking for the Lapel Stick! I do appliqué, and would love to try your binding technique too!

  79. 119

    Pat says

    what a good idea. I hadn’t thought about glue sticks for the binding. I use binding clips to hold them now as I too get way too many pin pricks. thanks for the good tip and if I don’t win one of your 2 sticks, I’ll be looking for them on my quilt shopping trips.

  80. 121

    Debbie says

    I have used a glue stick when paper piecing to hold my fabric to the paper so I don’t have to use pin and get distortion…. would love to try one of these Lapel glue sticks…. wonder if it is acid free for scrap-booking?

  81. 124

    JoAn GODFREY says

    sounds great. i love machine binding. i do all mine that way, but just turn it under as i sew.

  82. 125

    Becky I says

    hummmm I’ve used Elmers white glue and ironed it dry for this purpose for a couple of years now. This might be worth finding and trying if I didn’t have to iron it dry and could still sew thru it.

  83. 127

    Marie says

    Oh that would be the neatest thing to use, as I have a king size quilt that I will be binding soon and a queen size quilt to bind for our guild’s 4th of July raffle quilt!! Pick me machine, pick me!!!!!

  84. 129


    I admit to an excessive use of pins when binding and have the scars to prove it. I’ve never heard of this brand of glue before. Is it new?

  85. 130

    Darlis says

    Interesting I never thought about using a glue stick for binding. I might need to try it.

  86. 131

    Mame Johnston says

    What an awesome product this is! Thanks for mentioning it to get others onboard.

  87. 133

    diane says

    I have been wanting to try your binding technique. The lapel-stick sounds great and would save a lot of time.

  88. 134

    ruth anne shorter says

    What a great idea!! I use Elmer’s, and Aleene’s so would love to compare the Lapel Stick!!

  89. 135

    Diane Hines says

    What a great idea for binding. I will try it, when I find the lapel stick.

  90. 136

    Sherry says

    That’s pretty cool! I’m a newbie but not much of a hand-stitcher so I fold mine over and stitch in the ditch from the front. It’s really hard to get the pins out from the back as I’m sewing. Might have to try that glue.

  91. 137

    Darlene S says

    WOW. That seems like a really slick trick. I hope to try it with the lapel stick too. Do they sell them in shops yet, or is it just in testing stage now? Dar in MO

  92. 138


    Anything that saves time and helps to get a “check” in the finish is a must-try for me. I would like to do more applique, too.

  93. 139


    I am interested in trying this product. Thanks for a chance to win. Hope Joliet is starting to recover.

  94. 140

    Kathleen says

    Finding your method of binding was a Godsend. It works great! All that pinning can be a pain, so I’ll be anxious to try the glue stick.

  95. 142

    Vida says

    Love using glue sticks for various wool appliques. I would love to try the “Lapel Stick.”

  96. 144


    Sounds like you found the perfect use!! I may have to give this a try when doing my binding, as I am the user of a gazillion pins. But I also have a applique quilt to do, so this may be effective.

  97. 145

    Donna A says

    I just read a blog from a quilt shop near here that has added Lapel Stick to their inventory. I intend to get one to try on applique. I am hoping it doesn’t make my needle sticky and that it doesn’t dry stiff. The idea of sticking down the binding is a new one and I might try it on that as well.

  98. 146

    Hilary McDaniel says

    Wowza, I’d love that gadget. I try to sample new things when I
    go to quilt shows as they keep coming up w/great inventions for us who create. I’ve found some nifty things, this not being one of them. I’ve never had any luck w/glue sticks. I end up using the school glue in containers w/tiny applicators. I’d love to try something like this as it would be easier and quicker. thanks for the drawing.

  99. 147

    Donna P. says

    So many ways to use this! I was thinking some of those trouble spots when the fabric just won’t stay down. Thanks for the give-away!

  100. 148

    jenet jones kuhlmann says

    i have not tried it in the binding but i will now. ! i also use lots and lots of pins taking up lots of time because i only make bed size quilts !thank you for this tip !

  101. 149

    Carol Sc says

    I don’t think I have ever heard of or seen this product — seems like a great idea, so, of course, I would enjoy winning it and using it. thanks.

  102. 150

    Dorothy S says

    Would love to try that, hopefully my local shop will get this product in. But would take a free sample too…grin.

  103. 152


    Is it water soluble, or is it supposed to be permanent? I need to do this more, I think I have only done it once, or suggested it to my quilting buddy to do.

  104. 153


    This is exactly what I have been looking for! I don’t like to hand sew anything. And I have been machine binding for a while….I don’t like to pin that binding down either…I just hold it down with my left hand pointer finger and sew. This will make life much easier! Happy quilting!

  105. 154


    What a great idea! I’ve never been able to do my binding by machine as I can’t keep it flat. I think this is the solution.

  106. 156


    If it’s not too late I would love to enter. I have a lot of ways I would love to use this little stick. I think it would work out great. Thanks for the offer.

  107. 157

    Terri says

    I will look for this next time I am shopping. Looks like it will save time and pin pricks!