Dandelion Parade Step 1

Block 1 – 8″ finished/8-1/2″ unfinished – Make 17

From each of the following fabrics, cut 8 – 1-1/2″ strips:  (Note – depending on the length of your strips, you may end up needing one more of each strip.)

Fabric 1 – Light Yellow
Fabric 3 – Med/Dark Yellow
Fabric 4 – Dark Yellow
Fabric 5 – Purple

Make 8 strip sets. Press fabrics towards the darker fabrics.

Cut each strip into 4-1/2″ segments.  68 segments are needed.  (Note – if your strip sets yield only 8 segments, you will need to make a 9th strip set.  It all depends on the length of your shortest strip.)



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    Katie says

    Beautiful colors and thanks for sharing. I have the material and pattern to make my first quilt but still practicing the cutting on scraps to build up my confidence. Plus, I am setting up one of my bedrooms as a sewing room so, hopefully, by this weekend I’ll be quilting for real. 🙂