Progress & Accountability

There are several blogs and quilting groups that have some kind of accountability going on.  Some work better knowing they’re accountable to someone else.  I’m one of those people.  I can’t tell you how many days I would just sit and watch the minutes tick by and accomplish nothing except I know I have a stash report on Sunday and it’s no fun to report that nothing got used.  Then there’s Design Wall Monday and it’s no fun to have the same thing on the design wall for weeks or worse . . nothing on the design wall or even worse . . have no design wall at all!  🙂

My plan . . and my plans don’t always go according to the plan . . is to report in several times a week on my knitting projects.  Anyone who wants to join me, leave a link in your comment.  I’m not going to do another link box but links work in the comment section.

Do you know what Vince told me?  We were discussing the minimum size house we thought would work for us.  He said “You have more yarn than you will use in your lifetime!”  Watch me prove him wrong!  All I have to do is live to be 172 years old and I will use every ounce of yarn in this house.

These are dad’s socks that had sat idle for way too long.  This is what they looked like on about Wednesday – one sock finished, one down as far as having the heel turned and gusset stitches picked up.

This is how it looked when I went to bed on Thursday night – about half the foot done.

I hope that tomorrow I can show a pair of completed socks.



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    Judy — If you haven’t already packed it away, how about weaving with some of that yarn? I got my Glimakra rigid heddle loom about a month ago and have finished 7 scarves so far. I love the yarn in my stash and realized this was one way of getting it off the shelves and turned into finished objects!

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    Wow! See I am always learning something from you. Never thought about the angle of living 172 years! Thanks!

    glen: who would have to live 345 years to pare down my fabric stash that has now been combined with my mother’s, my aunts and my friend Pat’s.

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    That’s a great idea – accountability. I just started a cotton vest, a scarf for a present, and finishing up a pair of socks. And I still have a jacket in progress. I like to start new projects and I get distracted too easily. With your next progress update I’ll link to mine.

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    BlondiKnits says

    You are so right about accountability — even “mock” accountability. I’ve made 16 quilts this year so far — and 10 are because of the UFO of the month and monochrome quilt if the month. Even tho I don’t even post pics of the completed projects, I can’t rest each month until they’re done!

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    Judy, you never fail to make me laugh–except when you make me think. 🙂 I love following the adventures of “Vince and Judy”!! Thanks for letting us all get to know you.

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    OH YES – I respond to accountability as well! Hey, I have even joined the “DESIGN WALL GANG.” What I haven’t figured out is how to do the stash report! LOL

    Judy, you made my day. Now that I know the “172 year lifespan angle” I will no longer feel guilty for my yarn or my fabric accumulation. 😉

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    pdudgeon says

    ROTFLOL, Vince’s complaint wouldn’t work in this house!
    thanks to you i’ve got a plan for almost every piece of fabric i’ve got. Now the UFO’s…..well, that’s another matter that i’ll probably deal with via the round, circular file someday.

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    blogging has made me accountable AND productive. I won’t blog without a photo and I feel like it needs to show something I ‘m working on or even better – finished.

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    Trina says

    So that is what works, living to 172 years? Hmm. I will have to try that concerning my fabric stash. You made my day.

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    Not sure I would want to live to be 172 – I know my children pray for my husband’s good health everyday – don’t think they could handle me – Lol – I have every confidence that you will try your darndest to put a good dent in that stash. Blame it on the suppliers – if they would stop coming up with all those gorgeous colors!!! Judy C sends her best

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    I’m so glad I’m not the only person in the world who has as much yarn as fabric! 🙂 I’m doing my best trying to use up some of my stash, and there are days when I get very overwhelmed with it all…but then I do the only sane thing I know…I go to the quilt store or yarn shop. 🙂 Happy knitting, quilting or stash reducing!

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    I’ve slowly been finishing up projects that have been on the needles for a while. Any new projects will probably be shawls or scarves which I’ll be giving for Christmas.