The Current Knitting Project

Anyone knitting anything fun these days?  Before I knew we were moving to Texas I had ordered yarn to make several sweaters and I’m wanting to start one of those but am holding off because since I’m not a great knitter, it would probably be better to start a large project when I can finish it without having to set it aside, pack it, move it, find it and start over.  For now I’ll stick with socks and scarves because I can do those without thinking and can pick up where I left off any time.

These socks were started for my dad at least two months ago!  He likes to sleep in them and wanted them a little larger than I would normally make them.  I finished the first one while I was in Louisiana and had him try it on to be sure he liked the fit and he did.  This project is taking forever but it’s because I have so little time to knit or . . because I’ve taken so little time to knit.  I’m going to try to make more time for knitting which means less time for sewing or reading or . . cleaning!  🙂  Ok!  I’ll give up cleaning so I can knit!



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    Mary D says

    I started working on a pair of socks in March and for whatever reason I stopped – just picked them up 2 days ago. Kind of funny, I was knitting when I pulled up your post.

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    I say give up on the cleaning also. The new owner’s will not keep it picture perfect. How is the house hunt going? How can I worry about you and Vince if you don’t update me.

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    Good choice – give up cleaning. BEFORE someone comes to view the house – do an ERMA BOMBECK TRICK. Spray some LEMON PLEDGE on a cloth and TWIRL it arond in the air over your head in each room! It will SMELL like you have been cleaning for hours! 🙂

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    Rita Friesen says

    Several projects always going, but with my sewing machine broken, I am mostly working on a smallish afghan in a simple ripple. That is, when I have time to sit. Current book for when my hands are tired: The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club. British author–interesting!

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    Debbie says

    I know what you mean… juggling all of our projects is hard…. wait until you add grandchildren to the mix… my grandson gets my day today…..

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    Mary says

    I had my socks out last night for a while. I don’t know why this pair is taking me so long but I just need to finish the toe decreases. I think I need to leave my knitting out so I can pick it up when I have 15 or 30 minutes.

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    I also picked up my socks that I haven’t worked on for a couple weeks. A few rows more and I can start turning the heel…maybe tonight…maybe not. 🙂
    I just looked at Paula’s link and I see that in my near future. 🙂

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    Denise says

    You need some time to sit and knit with all that’s going on. Enjoy it. I’m working on a shawl for a gift – it’s the loveliest feeling yarn – like thick chenile in feel so soft and comfy. I started out knitting it but the yarn is so thick the design wasn’t showing so way bother with all that work. So ripped it out and just doing a simple double crochet. Had to stop and get more yarn since that thick yarn gets eaten up quickly as you work.

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    Lesa Matthes says

    There are a couple of mystery shawls through Ravelry that are going on now. I decided to set aside the socks I was working on, which have a little bit of cable work in them (what was I thinking?) and do these. Nicely paced clues and fun to see how they’re turning out.