Dandelion Parade Step 2

Got all your rail strips made?  If not . . what are you doing on the computer?  🙂

The instructions for today will be for putting the block together.  You’ll need 17 blocks and they will be 8-1/2″ unfinished or 8″ finished.

Sew two segments together, making 17 of each as shown below.  Press the seam allowance towards the strip that is straight (no seams):

Sew two segments together to create the blocks.  Make 17 blocks.

This is a good example of where fanning the same would create a flatter center.  Here’s a post with instructions for fanning the seam.  This post can always be found under the “Tutorials” tab above.  Once the seam is fanned, this is how the back side of the blocks will look and the center should be nice and flat.


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    Wonderful tip on the seam . . . my piecing has improved so much since I learned this. Good thing too, because I’m now working on a quilt made totally from half square triangles. You can imagine the seam intersections in this baby! Anyway, I’ve got them all lying pretty flat. 😉