Mail Man Left Lots of Checks

The mail man arrived and brought checks and even some cash from England.  The amount received today is $1,675 which brings the total collected to $2,870.  He also brought a box of quilts from Susan C.   Such cute quilts!  Makes me want to drive right down to Joplin and find two small, scared, hurting children and wrap them up in their very own quilt!

As soon as the storm passed and I knew I was ok, and began thinking about what I could do to help those in Joplin, my first thoughts went to offering some kind of assistance through the blog but then I knew how tight things are for so many and hesitated to even bring it up here.  After quite a few readers mentioned that since I was so close to Joplin, I might be in a position to coordinate some kind of assistance.  When I mentioned this on the blog, I truly would have been thrilled to have raised $500 and here we are at almost $3,000 and I know more is coming.

As I write this, and as I open the envelopes and read the notes you have sent, I can’t keep the tears back.  Not only do I know how much of a difference each dollar makes to the Red Cross that’s doing so much to help the Joplin folks, I’m touched by the generosity of you all.  Most of you have never met me, nor have you met any of those affected in Joplin.  There’s so much heartache now with tornadoes and flooding in numerous places, earthquakes and everything else. Your willingness to help astounds me.



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    Carrie says

    Thank you for your time and efforts coordinating this. It is people like you who will truly make a difference in the lives of those affected.

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    Good morning, Judy… what fun you must have every day when the mail arrives!! And what a shame that Monday is a holiday – but Tuesday will be twice the fun!

    I do some fundraising in my work , and we learn that people do not give to causes – they give to people… it’s because of YOU, my dear, that these checks are coming now… because you have been so generous and open, sharing your life, your joys, and your frustrations with all of us…

    That kind of giving inspires people to , in turn, give themselves…

    So enjoy the checks – (and mine just went in the mail)..

    Kate the Quilting Professor

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    Penny J Holliday says

    Thank you for caring, sharing and inspiring me through your daily blog! Thank you so much for helping those in need in Joplin ~ you are truly a generous soul!!

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    I agree with Kate that it is so much easier to give through you since we “know” you and we know that you’ll make sure the money gets to the local chapter.

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    Cindy M says

    I hesitate to donate to the Red Cross, and haven’t for almost 10 years nows. If you know of another local foundation or organization I could donate to directly, I would appreciate the information.

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    Sandy says

    I mailed my check this morning, Judy. You are so kind and gracious to coordinate this and it will really make a difference in someone’s life. Bless you, Judy. You are an angel.

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    When you put out the information to help through your blog – it just felt so darn right. I am sure that is why we are responding – it is the right thing to do and we trust you to represent our giving. Thanks for all you do to make our world so much better. Judy C sends her best to you

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    Gwen says

    I believe there is a reason for all things and doing this may be the reason for not finding a house quickly and being more envolved in moving right now. Thank you, Judy!

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    Pat in Washington says

    I’m so glad people are continuing to respond! I don’t have a blog but I put a link on my Facebook page twice. I have a lot of sewing friends out there and hope they aren’t all gone for the weekend! Such good news about the amount being sent in – I know the Red Cross can really use it.

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    Joanna says

    Hi Judy,
    Maybe I’ve not met you, but I know you really well. And if we do someday meet, we’ll just pick up like old girlfriends!

    Thank you for coordinating the fund raising for Joplin!
    So excited that your call is getting such a good response!


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    pdudgeon says

    working on this tragedy from a people-to-people basis is the best way to get help to those who need it.
    a local town north of me found this out when a twister went thru there earlier this year. in that case it was all about neighbor helping neighbor; not because they knew each other, but because they knew that they could help, so they came and helped each other. In fact the help given in that situation was so great that the federal government turned down our Governor’s call for federal help!

    way to go Judy!

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    Darlene S says

    I also agree with Kate. When someone so generous as you asks for help for those needing it, it is just the natural thing to do. You wouldn’t ask if it were not needed. Thank you for taking the lead. I know there are lots of groups in our area that are filling 18 wheeler trucks with donated items from food to personal hygiene to clothing and have left today for Joplin. Even our professional sports teams have been touched by this event and have donated lots of $$$$ to the cause. I’m sure it will all be used. Thank you again for all you do. Dar in MO

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    I don’t know why we are at our best when things are at there worst but, thank goodness we try to help each other. I have given to another site but wanted to commend you on our efforts. Warms my heart to know how generous most of us are.

    Happy sewing