Sunday Sewing

Sunday afternoon and evening was spent in the sewing room . . a lot of uninterrupted sewing time!

Last year around Memorial Day, on the blog we did a Memorial Day Challenge.  I had planned to get those quilts quilted and off to Alycia right away but by mid-June, I had started working on my next book and the Memorial Day Challenge quilts that weren’t already finished got pushed to the back burner.

For the Memorial Day Challenge quilts, I had one box packed except for needing one more quilt.  There were two quilts that were quilted but needed binding.  They’ve been in that state for months!  This afternoon I got one of those bound.  It’s been so long since I quilted it, I cannot remember who made and sent this one.  So sorry!

There are two waiting to be quilted and I got one of those quilted, bound and in the box to be shipped to Alycia.  This one was made and sent in by Dee.  Thank you so much Dee!

The remaining quilt to be quilted was made and sent by Mary F. (thank you Mary!) and it’s loaded on the longarm.  Tomorrow I hope to get it quilted and bound, along with the remaining quilt bound and get those off to Alycia by the end of the week.

The Memorial Day Challenge was intended to be an annual event but I didn’t expect a move so hopefully next year will be quieter and I can do a Memorial Day Challenge again.



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    Pat in Washington says

    I really like that pattern – is it in one of your books? Or on-line somewhere?

  2. 8

    Mary F says

    Judy, on this Memorial Day, it did my heart good to see the quilt I made. Thanks for quilting and bind it and getting it to Quilts of Valor!