Design Wall Monday – May 30, 2011

On my design floor are the blocks, along with one row of Dandelion Parade, the quilt I’m making for my niece’s daughter.  I’m going to put this quilt aside and work on finishing a couple of UFOs to donate to the Joplin recovery efforts.



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    Susan Torrens says

    Don’t know what happened when I linked my blog – the little blue cartoon came up instead of my picture……
    Hot humid weather has finally arrived in Kingston, so I’ll be quilting today unless DH decides to drag me out to shop!
    Happy about the great response you are receiving to your “help Joplin” campaign.

  2. 2


    I have some questions on making a “quilt” using fleece, so anyone with experience, please check out #23 Liz. It doesn’t seem hard, but it is a graduation present for a young man off to college. Thanks!

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    Purple and yellow is such a happy color combination, looks great in the pattern you’ve designed. I love the HST blocks, they remind me of purple rain boots (maybe a symptom of how much rain we’ve had this year).

  4. 7

    QuilterB says

    Louisiana folks always like purple and gold. Looks like LSU to me. Good idea for a student or fan quilt.

  5. 8


    aaagggh! Well nothing like having a new person goof things up.
    I’d like to get the picture on the links but I just didn’t get it done, nope I did the wrong thing. Guess if you have time maybe we could redo . . . is something you can go in and change?