Today’s Sewing – May 30, 2011

This is going to be another week when I can’t remember what the day is since all day, it’s seemed like Sunday and I almost put Sunday’s date on this report.

More time was spent cleaning than sewing today but I did get Mary F.’s QOV quilted, bound and ready to go.  Just one more to bind and I think that will be all of the Memorial Day 2010 Challenge quilts done.

Once that was done I loaded the Making Ends Meet top so I can get it quilted tomorrow. My pantos are all packed but I can get to them easily but since the Baptist Fan template is on the machine, I’ll probably just use it til I get tired of using it. I’m thinking I might use a pale orange/peach thread on this one since it may go to someone who loves orange.  Otherwise, I’ll use plain old boring ecru thread on it.

Think the orange thread would stand out like a sore thumb?  Here’s a better picture of the top.


  1. 5


    Hey Judy,
    if you have no takers, on a orange quilt. I could find a home for you. (Only kidding) My daughter lives for that color. She owns an orange truck, an orange bike, orange kayak, her tee shirts are orange. I hope to have an orange quilt made for her for this Christmas, she should be home from Bahrain, than to a new duty station.
    Thank you for your great site.

  2. 7


    I love the colors in that quilt! Where did you purchase your Baptist fan boards? I am debating between a Quiltazoid and boards.

  3. 9


    Hi Judy,

    The QQV quilt is impressive. The border makes me think it is a design of yours, but, I did not see it under the free quilts. Is it available elsewhere?? Don’t know how you manage to be quilting, knitting, yet packing. Life goes on, doesn’t it?

  4. 10


    I like the orange thread idea. You do beautiful quilting so there’s no reason not to highlight it with colored thread! Love both quilts, they look great.