Full Mail Box

Whew!  There were a lot of checks today.  I saw the mail man coming and went out to meet him.  He had his box with the envelopes all stacked up.  When he saw me, he said “You NEVER get much mail!  This is CRAZY!”  He’s not the friendliest of the mail men we’ve had here so I just said “Yep, it’s crazy!”

Saturday I asked Vince and Chad if they wanted to help open the envelopes.  Chad did but Vince didn’t.  When I came in with the pile of envelopes today, Vince said . . “Wait for me.  I want to help!”

You can see that he didn’t get dressed up for the occasion.  He had been outside working and yes, it’s HOT and HUMID here.  I’m so looking forward to getting to Texas where it’s HOT but there’s rarely any humidity.

I think I’ve acknowledged all the checks I was asked to acknowledge but as you can see, I had a couple of helpers so if I haven’t written to you and you think your check should have been here and you asked for an acknowledgment, please write me.  Obviously, I’m not acknowledging receipt of every check but I’m trying to write those who have asked.

I’ll add up the checks and update the “Help Joplin” page so you can click on that tab at the top of the blog.  Thanks again to everyone for your donations!  I know I don’t need to repeat it but I want you to know how touched I am!  So many have written notes . . most are sending encouragement and good wishes for our Texas move.  Many write that they read the blog often but have never commented.  Yes, I’m touched!!


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    I am so excited that you have received such a great response!

    I am mailing a quilt tomorrow for Joplin – I hate to bother you, but I would like to know that it has reached you! I am a bit apprehensive about mailing quilts! 🙂

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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      Midlothian … I’ve been to the quilt shop there. 🙂 And, of course, the candy shop …. tho it was far more tempting when it was ‘next door’ instead of across the parking lot. 😉

      Ida in PA. 🙂

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    NancyB in AZ says

    OH, MY!!! I just checked the total to date! Quilters are the best. Also, what a wonderful tribute to you, Judy. We love you.

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    I just looked at the total too! That is wonderful. It’s so encouraging that when folks unite, we can do much. Thanks for all your work at putting this together, Judy.

    Did you read about the Carthage High School graduating class donating their class funds to Joplin instead of taking a trip? That gives us real hope for the next generation.

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    my heart jumped when i saw the total-to-date! WOW!!!!!!

    where are you moving in tx that there’s no humidity? definitely not houston…

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    yes quilters are pretty generous – but so are YOU Judy!!! Offering to give away one of your beautiful quilts for every 50 checks that come in. 😉

    So many are not able to make a quilt, but can mail in a donation – so thank you again!

    Love from Texas – where it is VERY HOT and VERY HUMID. We only have 2 seasons down here along the gulf. Summer and almost Summer. :/


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    carol craven says

    I’m so looking forward to getting to Texas where it’s HOT but there’s rarely any humidity.

    roflmbo, no humidity!!!!!!!!!!!!! you wait. It is so humid here, I dont go outside for much except to get to the car during daylight hours all

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      No . . in Brownwood there’s really no humidity. Right this minute, it’s 64% humidity in Houston and 42% in Brownwood and that 42% is pretty high for them.

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      Nobody had to tell me . . I’ve been there! Tonight it’s 64% in Houston, 72% here and 42% in Brownwood!