June UFO Number

The UFO number for June is . . #8!  (And for whoever asked for me to drawn #8 . . it was purely coincidental!)  🙂

Please share a link to your May (#9) UFO completion!


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    Hooray! My number 8 is something I won’t finish, but it’s time for me to work on it! Thanks for hostessing, Judy! You’re amazing.

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    Thanks so much for picking #8! I finished it last month so have a “free” month…or I could go back and work on March and April’s, which are still UFOs 🙂

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    Sandi P. says

    Well, I haven’t actually been playing along before now. I did list my UFO’s and gave them a number (even checking which #’s had been used already) just before you announced the May number. Then I didn’t pull it out and actually work on it. So last week I decided I have to get some things finished, took out my list. Moved the May one to an empty number, and waited for you to draw. #8 will be great because it is small, mostly hand-work (small hexagons) and I will be in the car a lot in June. So I might actually get some work done on it.

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    I’m late to the party, but I hope that’s OK. I’m heading over to register my list of UFOs now – and I have a bit of catching up to do.

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    Donna~~ says

    No finish for me. I decided to double the project in size, so there’s no way I could do it. Won’t be posting a photo of the progress beyond what’s already there because I’m making it as a gift for my daughter and want her to be surprised. Hope I can get it done by July!

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    Eight works for me. #8 off my to-be quilted list was quilted after the list was put together, but before the first # was drawn. It’s the Christmas Row quilt on the get to the top stage-which I’m not even going to look at. The reality is I’m going to finish my sister’s wedding top (hopefully today or tomorrow – didn’t get it finished in time for the monochromatic challenge) and then finish up 4 quilts which were on my to-be-quilted list at the beginning of the year, but didn’t have #s assigned to them.

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    I am laughing out loud–Yes, I was the one who said “please pick #8”.

    The good thing about “asking” for a specific number is that as the months go by, the odds of picking the next number get better and better (I had a 1 in 7 chance)!

    OK, ugly Royal Crown quilt shall get finished in June!!!!!

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    Judy, I have dutifully put up all the UFO quilts you called on my design wall. Well, except for those Outhouse Blocks I have never found. I have yet to complete one, but they all get some air time.

    glen: maybe this month!

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    I actually finished two but only have a photo of one. Both are going to a local quilt show next weekend. Nothing like a show deadline to get your butt in gear!

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    Oh boy is my list getting mixed up! Last month I switched to #8 because the number you chose expected the numbers before it would have been completed and I’d have blocks ready for a top. Now I’ll have to switch again, but it’s all good – I’m getting stuff done! Thanks again for hosting.

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    My May UFO is at the quilt sandwich stage but will be done in the next few days. I’m going to debate for a day or two about whether to switch my #8 with #7, which is a patriotic doll quilt I want to hand quilt and have done for 4th of July, or do both projects, since they are both small. Will have to ponder!

    This challenge has been great–I’ve gotten a lot of blocks out of boxes and several quilts finished. Feels really good!

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    Ok, so I changed my mind. When I went back and reread my goal for #9 in May, I discovered I’d actually finished it! (But I won’t be posting detailed photos so I don’t spoil the surprise for my daughter!

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    shirley bruner says

    oh boy….#8 for me is not yet pieced. i have parts of it done. so i better get crackin’. LOL i am behind on customer quilts. two that were due in May have not been done….but the first is on the frame. and i am leaving town again tomorrow until monday. i’m gonna have to give up sleeping to catch up! but these are great challenges, Judy….somehow i always get your challenges done. LOL customers can wait a bit.

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    I am very glad to get this quilt done. 8 years in the making.

    I am trying to link Nancy’s photo up but for some reason it is not working. I am not doing anything different than what I’ve done in the past. hmmmm….technology!

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    I added my MAY UFO and I had difficulty so it is on there twice…..post – #39 should be deleted…….but I didn’t see how to do it. (I AM SORRY!)

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    I am so glad you are doing this challenge. It is helping me get some old UFOs completed. My #8 is the oldest one on my list. It is from 1999 or 2000.