Red & White Quilt

This quilt isn’t one I made for the Monochromatic Challenge but it’s one of my favorite red quilts and has quite a story to go with it.  Be sure to click on the photo and check out the quilting.

The whole quilt was a fiasco but I’ll tell you the running red story first. I wash every single piece of fabric before it goes into my stash.

This quilt was being entered in a show so I wanted to wash it to remove all the markings and block it. One of the reds ran . . and it ran a lot! I worked so hard and must’ve washed it a dozen or more time and finally got all the red out. I used those dye catcher sheets, Synthrapol . . you name it and I used it but I did get the red out for the most part.  If I pointed out where there’s a little bit of the bleeding left over, you would see it but otherwise, it isn’t noticeable.

Now, I wash every piece of fabric (except white!) with a good size (maybe 12″ x 12″) piece of bleached muslin. If the fabric runs, I’ll sometimes wash it a second time using Retayne. If it still bleeds after the second time, it goes into the trash.

The other part of the story about this quilt: Back in the late 90’s I started making these blocks for a quilt for my husband’s brother and his wife. They had red carpet in their bedroom.  I made all the blocks and couldn’t decide how I wanted to set them.  I sewed them together and ripped at least three times.  By the time I finished the quilt in 2005, and we were in New York and planned to give them the quilt, they had re-done their room and she told me “we’re so happy to have the red out of there!” Ughhh!  But I’m kinda happy that I ended up with it.  Some day I’m going to have a good spot for this quilt!



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    Judy the quilting is gorgeous! The quilt is beautiful! If you need a spot for it, I’m sure I could find one! Thanks for sharing the about the fabric running. I’m not a prewasher but I wash every quilt with the color catcher sheets.

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    Judy—It is Gorgeous! It seems a shame to not have it out someplace. Maybe when you find a new place you can decorate a room just for this quilt. I love the simplicity of the design and that it’s just two great colors. I’ve always enjoyed looking at two color quilts, but to this day have never made even one. (maybe this could the year)– I think they are so beautiful and your quilting is absolutely perfect! What a wonderful design. Red is tricky for sure, and I’m glad you could salvage this beauty! I also like that you are showing some of your previous quilts that some of us may not have had the pleasure of seeing.

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    this quilt is SO beautiful! One of my favorite’s that I’ve seen of yours! The quilting is just amazing!!! I would have had a hard time giving that one up, luckily you didn’t have to give it up! Although, I would bet that she would have been THRILLED to get it, even though she didn’t have red carpet anymore 🙂

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    Sandy says

    Your quilting is gorgeous and the simplicity of color/design really shows it off. I also wash all fabrics before I use them. It only takes one experience of fabric bleeding that you don’t do THAT again, lol.

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    Diane in CA says

    Stunning quilt ! I would buy red carpet just to get it. .. Reminds me of Hawaiian quilting with the color on white and the quilting to die for!

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    Dorothy says

    It is a beauty! I had the bleeding thing happen with a quilt I made for my granddaughter, not fun when you go to the trouble of washing first…will now add the muslin, great idea, thank you!

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    What a gorgeous quilt – build a room if you do not have a place to put it. I love the open space with that beautiful quilting. Sure am glad you have it and not them – we got to see it. Judy C

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    Helene says

    If she ever found out this story, she’s probably kicking herself. That quilt is spectacular!

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    Perry says

    I love this quilt and your quilting is really really stunning! I can always find a place for a beautiful red quilt if you are tired of it, lol.

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    shredkate says

    Actually the above should read Shrewdkate, not shredkate!
    I love red and white quilts and this one is especially wonderful. I love reading your blog everyday. Made a small yellow quilt in January, and want to do a red and white and an indigo one too. No website yet, but will try Flicker

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    patti says

    i think in your new house you should have a red room… and i know the perfect quilt for it!