Whirlwind of a Day!

This morning after breakfast I was getting a load of laundry going when the phone rang.  It was our realtor wanting to show the house in a couple of hours.  We knew we had a showing scheduled for Friday so it wasn’t a disaster but breakfast dishes were still in the sink, the dishwasher was full of clean dishes, Chad had just brought up about 5 loads of laundry  .. I needed a good four hours to get things ready but I didn’t have four hours!  Vince had totally destroyed his office yesterday getting everything ready to take some of the stuff with him when he leaves for good on Sunday, getting some stuff to throw out and packing up other stuff.  He was out in the garage working and I told him the house was going to be shown in two hours.  Chad had just left to go to Nicole’s house and I called him so he turned around and came home.  It didn’t take him long to get his room clean because he’d kinda picked it up already.

Vince and I ran around like crazy.  Got the bathrooms cleaned, the carpet vacuumed, most of the laundry done or at least out of sight, and took Speck and the crate and left right before the house hunters got here.  I had two boxes of  QOV quilts in the truck to ship to Alycia so we drove around town to find a UPS truck.  Then Vince went by the mechanic shop to have them look at the a/c on his truck. Then we rode around town a bit while waiting for the house hunters to leave so we could go home.

Once they left, we dropped Speck and the crate back at home and went to eat Mexican.  Then Vince went to pick up his new glasses, I was able to get Chad’s ENT in Joplin on the phone and reschedule his appointment for week after next but they couldn’t find his CT scan results so I went by our doctor’s office here and picked up another copy.  While Vince was getting his glasses, I ran next door and scheduled myself a haircut for next week.  It’s so nice living in a small town where the doctor, the eye doctor, the hair cutter and the Mexican restaurant are all within a stone’s throw of each other!

Then I remembered I had a new epi-pen at the pharmacy so we ran by and got that.  Then decided we needed a snow cone for all our effort.

Now I could sew but I think I’m too  . . frustrated or keyed up.  I’d like to go to sleep and wake up once this house is sold and we’ve found a house in Brownwood!  Am I a wimp or what?  🙂

At least I don’t have much to get done before the showing on Friday.  I told Vince I think when he leaves on Sunday, I’m going to pack up the car and go to Louisiana.  He said . . go for it!  But, I’d have to take Speck and my mom is adamant about not wanting a dog in her house and I don’t blame her.  I wouldn’t want someone else’s dog in my house.  They have a mobile home on their farm in north Louisiana and she wouldn’t mind Speck being there but I’m too chicken to stay up there by myself.  It’s on 60 acres in the middle of nowhere . . without a phone and the cell phone doesn’t work most of the time inside the mobile home.

Seriously, I have to stay here til all the Joplin quilts arrive and by then it will be almost time for me to go move to Texas . . I hope.  If not, I may bail and figure out some way for Speck and me to live in Louisiana.

Please excuse my rant . . that’s what it is . . a poor, pitiful me rant!  The move is getting to me.  We can’t find a house, we can’t get this blasted stucco inspection done because we can’t get three dry days.  Vince leaves Sunday for good.  I’m tired of putting away my blow dryer every morning.  I’m sick of cleaning my sewing room and vacuuming it 5 times a week.  Heck, I probably haven’t vacuumed it 5 times in the past 4 years and now every time I see a thread, I grab the vacuum cleaner.

And then I remember Joplin and I kick myself in the butt for whining and I start sewing and dropping my threads on the floor!  🙂


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    grace says

    yeah, isn’t perspective everything? and did i say we never get tornadoes in new england? at this moment, there is a storm system working west to east, touching down every so often, plenty of damage and it continues! over 3000 lightning strikes as well, plus hail, wind, etc. the last bad one was in 1953 so i guess we are overdue.

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    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    Judy, when we sold our last house in 1997, we listed it in February and finally signed a buyer in…June! I was working full-time, we had four cats, and I had to leave the house in show condition each and every morning *before* leaving for work.

    Oh, did I mention DH is a packrat?! And the house was a tiny 2-BR, 1-BA, approx. 450 sq.ft. house?

    Just keep telling yourself, like I did: “We only need one buyer. We only need *one* buyer. We only need **one** buyer.”

    Thought I’d let you know that it can be survived!

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    I don’t blame you a bit…whine away!
    Seriously, you do SOO much! Give yourself a break! I think it is wonderful how you have stepped up to help the folks in Joplin!

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    QuilterB says

    Vent away. We’re all friends out here listening and sympathizing. Just let it all out if it makes you feel any better at all.

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    Linda in NE says

    I hope your moving hassles get ironed out before long. I’d go crazy if I had to keep my house ready to show all the time. And, that mobile home on 60 acres in north Louisiana sounds good to me, but then, I grew up in the country in the middle of nowhere with no phone. Guess maybe that’s why it appeals to me. I could always sew or read, but no cell service probably means no Internet service either and that would be a drawback. I do like reading my blogs!

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    Oh dear Judy – selling a house is the highest form of torture! I’ve endured it many times – it never gets easier… Our last time out, we left the house perfect, then discovered when we returned that the cat has barfed up some Christmas ribbon right in the middle of the living room floor! I’m sure the realtor loved that! But – you know – those were the people who bought the house!!

    Hang in – this too shall pass…

  7. 10

    Nancy says

    It’s just a matter of time….and soon it will be yours. Don’t worry, when things get real crazy they always turn out fine!!!

  8. 11


    I think you’ve held it in pretty good. I can only imagine the whining I would be doing. Looks like you have a good errand day and now tomorrow maybe you can focus on what you want to do. 🙂 Sending hugs.

  9. 12

    Perry says

    This to shall pass. Hang in there. You could come see me and we could sew and you could put Speck in one of the Pet Motels here. Interested in doing that?

  10. 13


    I read one time that Pity Parties are wonderful…for a short time. Except no one comes but you and there are no refreshments. 🙂 I don’t blame you for venting. It’s frustrating and worrying and just plain inconvenient sometimes. But like someone said earlier, this too shall pass. Really. blessings, marlene

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    One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is where is Chad going to go once you move down to Texas? Is he staying in the house until it’s sold? How is he holding up with all of this excitement?

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    Mary Jo says

    Hang in there girl! We are all here for you so fuss and complain all you want. For all of the pleasure you bring us with your blogs and beautiful quilt patterns the least we can do is listen to a few complaints!

  13. 17


    When my life gets like that I just ask God to show me whatever it is that I am suppose to learn from the experience. I promise to keep my eyes open and before long it passes. Unfortunately, the things I usually need to learn is patience and to give up my need to control things….UGH. Those always seem to be the lessons. Hang in there.

  14. 18

    Pam says

    I can’t imagine living in your situation. As I look around right now I couldn’t even imagine someone coming in to look at my house right now. My house is clean but cluttery. And my sewing room – ooooh – I just close the door. I like a neat and organized home but I have other things to do that are more important to me. I really should doing some organizing and straightening up today but first is a grandsons kindergarten graduation, then Guild business meeting, then another grandsons Little League game and hubby mentioned that the lawn needs mowed again. Well, maybe tomorrow I can do some things in the house. Wait – I planned to go to my office tomorrow and Saturday I am helping to cater a wedding reception. See what I mean? Housework just keeps going farther down on the list. Good luck Judy, I know everything will work out and it won’t be long when we will be reading about your new home and your new life in Texas.

  15. 19


    I truly understand so feel free to rant…….. I lived that way for two and a half years and it is a terrible way to live………… So you go right ahead and get it out of your system…. Hopefully it will be over soon………….

  16. 20


    What a day! You deserve a break! And since you have to do it all over again – it kind of sounds like that movei Groundhog day from way long ago….

  17. 21

    SarahB says

    *smiling* We have prospective buyers show up un-announced the other day! We decided to let them look even though the house was a mess… oh well, if it’s right for them they won’t mind the laundry!