Behind the Scenes

I believe anyone who knows me personally will vouch for the fact that I don’t think I’m better than anyone else.  I try to see value in every human.  Vince thinks I wear rose colored glasses and while it’s often hard for me to accept that there are bad humans out there, it’s sometimes just the opposite with him.  Maybe living in my own little basement . . Judy’s Magic Cave of Life as Chad calls it . . but I choose to see good and try to ignore the bad.

In order to continue to believe that there are more good people than bad, I do not go to Wal-Mart after noon.  I prefer to go before 7 a.m.  I do not go to McDonald’s unless Vince drags me there . . kicking and screaming.  Please don’t get me wrong.  Please don’t think I’m looking down my nose.  There are poor, clean, decent people.  I’ve been one of those and may some day be again.  I’m talking about people who curse at their children, who slap their children around, who obviously don’t give a flip about their appearance or how they treat others.

Vince was in McDonald’s last week and had to get the manager because of two thugs who kept calling him really bad names . . for no reason.  When one of them decided he was going light up a cigarette, Vince said . . you are not! And, it went down hill from there.  What has happened to decency?

I’m not an activist.  I could be . . I’m that passionate about some of my beliefs.

This afternoon I almost had my day in court . . again!  When I saw some of the people who were there facing a variety of criminal charges, most of which I don’t even know what they did and am glad I don’t know.  Two ladies sitting in the “victims’ room” with me both began to cry violently when it was getting close to their turn to testify.   Both were terrified of seeing the person who had violated them.  I tried to comfort them and I realized . . what can I say when I know so little except to know they’re scared to death and they’ve been scarred for life!  I had to wonder what has happened to society.  Where have we gone wrong?  I asked one of the clerks how often they have this type court.  I figured if it’s an annual thing, then maybe things aren’t so bad.  NO!  It happens EVERY Thursday!  If you think you live in a quiet little town, I hope you’re right.  That’s what I thought.  As I was leaving court, an officer was walking down the stairs next to me and I told him “I thought our town was safe but after seeing all this . . I don’t know!”  He said “You’re right . . you DON’T know!”  Ouch!

I don’t expect anyone to actually do this — we’re a busy bunch of people!  But, if you want your eyes opened, find out when criminal court is being held and go down there.  Sit quietly in the back of the courtroom.  Bring your knitting or your Kindle and take it all in.  I’d like to think that voting for those who take a stronger stand against crime might help but I’m not sure anything is going to help.  People on drugs do crazy things.  People who have no sense of right or wrong do what they wish and honestly, too many are getting by with it for one reason or another.

I wonder . . where did we go wrong? Did we not teach our children right from wrong?  Does the fact that hands are slapped and real penalties are not given encourage criminals to continue their activity? Is it the entitlement society we’ve allowed to exist . . what you have I’m entitled to have and if I can’t buy it, I’ll just take it?

I think of people who have had loved ones murdered and the criminal is either not caught or receives a slap on the wrist.  I think of families who have been affected by a drunk driver.  Too often a 5th or 6th offense DUI is reduced to a 2nd offense.  You know that eventually someone is going to be seriously injured or killed.

What do we do?  Trying to see justice done is not easy.  I’m not comfortable even describing the hassle it’s been for me trying to resolution and today . . it all ended . . without full restitution, without me really knowing what the final outcome was.  It’s honestly easier to drop it than to pursue it and I think that’s one of the reasons things are like they are.

The more I see and the more I think about it, the more my rose colored glasses begin to change to a shadowy, ugly gray.  I am reminded of the very kind and generous folks out there who have sent checks for the Joplin victims.  In my heart I know there are more good people than bad but seeing the bad and thinking of all the hurt they cause, and the fact that justice doesn’t seem to be very “just” these days . . it makes me very sad.

Because I don’t want this to go off in the wrong direction, I’m going to not have comments but please feel free to send me an email if you have something you want to say!