More Red Cross Checks

Yesterday the mailman brought no checks!  After that huge pile on Tuesday, I’ll bet he was relieved to be delivering only my normal 2 or 3 pieces of junk mail.

Today he brought checks — $200 worth and now we have collected a total of $8,020.  This afternoon I talked to Peggy, our local Red Cross director, and told her how much you’ve all sent in so far and she’s totally amazed . . quite pleasantly amazed.  I’ll keep you posted and you can always check the “Help Joplin” tab at the top of the page.



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    I bet with Memorial Day no mail holiday that put a hiccup in the delivery 🙂 but I’m sure there are many more on the way. Judy have you considered calling the local newspaper and having them do a write up about your blog readers helping out and show a photo of your quilts for raffle?? That just might double the funds coming in!!! oh that’d be AwEsOmE!!!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    patti says

    just put mine in the post office about an hour ago, will hopefully be there in just a couple of days. next to package up a couple of small quilts. my motto is, “i work best under pressure/deadline.”

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    I mailed my check last night. I kept forgetting about it over the weekend. I hope that you get it by Saturday! 🙂 It’s nice to know that there are nice quilters out there who can afford to send a little something. I’m glad to know that my check will go towards Joplin and Joplinites.

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    Caroline Dimmick says

    Mailed mine Tuesday, so hope you get it soon. I agree with Bingo Bonnie — if you’re up to it. Her thought that maybe others would contribute is right on. It would be awesome!