A Good Mail Day

My mail man told me I was suddenly very popular!  🙂

I’ve updated the totals and you can click on the Help Joplin tab at any time to see the totals.  Also, for those who have asked, it’s not too late to send checks.  I will wait til after the mail runs on Wednesday, June 8, to take the checks to the Red Cross office.   And, any checks that arrive after that date will be delivered once the checks stop arriving.

The amount received today was $1,500 for a total of $9,520.

Thank you all!


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    Who says one person (woman) can’t make a difference!! Having lived through Katrina I can tell you the red tape with FEMA is massive. The Red Cross steps in immediately and helps everyone.

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    I’d like to say the amount raised is amazing – and it is – but it’s also a testament to how generous people truly can be. After your earlier posting “Behind The Scenes” this has got to make your heart feel good. Thank you for taking this bull by the horns.

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    Denniele says

    Quilters are the best! You set an excellent example…..I am sure the Red Cross will be thrilled.

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    that well be great to get to $10,000.00!!!!
    Two of my young nieces and their hubbies went to Joplin two days ago and drove around looking to see who needed help, when they saw some elderly people looking through a pile of rubble that used to be a house they stopped and asked if they could help. They spent the afternoon there helping them find photos and odds and ends. They felt very satisfied to have been able to help. And who says young people in the 20’s are lazy 🙂 They just wanted to help and did. They made me proud to say I am their auntie

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    Elizabeth says

    Oh Judy, I am sooo pleased that you will still take the cheques after your deadline. I got a US money order and mailed it off to you yesterday. There are rumours of a possible postal strike and I am hoping my letter will get to the US postal system before that strike happens. I like that you are taking the funds you raise right to the Red Cross in Joplin. Thanks for your help. Liz

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    quilterbee says

    Your post made me smile. Thank you, Judy, for all you do for others. I appreciate you delivering the checks to the Red Cross in Joplin.