The Tweaked Design

It took a lot of comments before someone (Patti) was thinking the way I think:

on #2 there is more equal background to color and seems to fight my eye, also you will need to match up all of those points to the alternating block which will take more time and effort — not that those are bad things.

Closeup of Option #1 where the blocks meet:

Closeup of Option #2 where the blocks meet:

The alternating block in Option #1 is the 5 patch Shoo Fly block.  In Option #2, it’s the regular Shoo Fly block.  I chose Option #1 mainly because where the blocks come together, the piecing from the star block doesn’t line up with the piecing for the Shoo Fly block.  With Option #2, there are 7 pieces of fabric right there where the arrow is.  Not only do those seams need to match up perfectly so the points are right, but that’s a whole lot of bulk no matter how you press those seam allowances.  It makes it a whole lot easier to put together when I don’t have to worry about pressing those seams in opposite directions and making sure they all line up perfectly!

Seeing the block layout in EQ before I begin cutting and sewing makes it so much easier to know ahead of time how the blocks will look, as well as how they should all go together.


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    Marky says

    I love EQ for being able to test out my fabric/color choices too. It has saved me from ‘do-overs’ when what I imagined, isn’t reality. Pre-EQ I too often cut out a test block, then discovered I didn’t like the way the colors played together, or how secondary designs developed in the quilt layout. Now I see it before I cut and can adjust. Love it!

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    Very Interesting as they used to say on Laugh In.

    Interesting beause option 1 looks more intricate with the 2 different blocks “nesting” together although the sewing on that option is easier.

    Less is more!

    I hope you will publish this pattern or maybe do a sew along when you are resettled physically and mentally.

    And thank you for all you do to help us help others.

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    I agree with Nancy and Judy. I love how the blocks seem to be ‘floating’. Not only would it be easier with less points to match, but I think more for your eye to look at. Oh how I love quilty blogs when I’m on vacation without a sewing machine…::sniff sniff:::