Working Myself Into a Tizzy

My life is normally pretty stress-free and I’m usually pretty calm but this week has been a bit stressful and maybe because I don’t deal with stress very often, I sometimes tend to fall apart over things that aren’t worth falling apart over.  Vince, on the other hand, never worries about anything . . except maybe when his wife has reached the breakdown stage and then the batteries in the TV remote quit working.  Poor Vince.  The week the toilet seal leaked, the fridge leaked, and I couldn’t find any AAA batteries in the house, I called him crying.  I know he wanted to laugh because by the time I called him, the plumber had been here to fix the toilet, the appliance repair guy had been here to fix the fridge and the only real problem was . . where were those AAA batteries?  I could tell he wanted to laugh but even with him in Texas and me in Missouri, laughing would not have been the thing to do and thank goodness for both of us, he realized that!

This week I’ve been to the dentist twice, to court once, Chad’s girlfriend has a kidney stone and he’s worried sick about her.  I don’t remember him worrying so much when I had a kidney stone!  🙂

Moving with a relocation company has advantages and disadvantages.  They take care of everything and they make moving as easy as it can possibly be but they order all kinds of inspections on our house.

One worrisome issue for relo companies has been synthetic stucco, also known as EIFS.  We have some — just on about 1/4 to 1/3 of the front of our house.  The relo company ordered the stucco test probably two months ago but we have to have three dry days . . days with no rain . . before they can run the test and the specialists say that their tests result in about 50% false positives.  Vince kept telling me that there was nothing wrong with our stucco but . . how does he know?  He said that if there was a problem, it wouldn’t be a huge job to take all the stucco off and put up siding of some sort.  Easy for him to say since he’ll be leaving tomorrow for Texas.

Tuesday and Wednesday morning of this week were sunny but the inspector assigned to us had to drive from Kansas City and couldn’t come those two days.  In fact, he couldn’t come this whole week.  It wasn’t his fault . . we never know when we’re going to have dry days in a row and he had already made other plans.  The relo company assigned us another inspector, who also had to come from Kansas City and he was booked too but he said he could come on Saturday (today).  I worried til I almost made myself sick.   Last night at 1:30 I was still thinking about the stucco.  This morning I was up at 4:30 worrying about the inspection.

I’m so happy and relieved to report that the inspector came early this afternoon, did his inspection and said we don’t even have the EIFS type stucco and ours is fine!  I’m so glad to have that hurdle behind us.

We still have a major whole house inspection coming up but I’m actually not worried about that.  They will find things that need to be fixed . . they always do though I’ve gone over everything imaginable and don’t see what they can possibly find.  But, they will find something!  Nicole’s dad is a builder and he will fix whatever they want fixed.

Every day I’m more ready to pack up and leave and get this move behind me so we can get started over again in Texas.


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    Judy, I’m happy for you that this worry is over! Boy, do I get it. There is some old saying about the futility of worry; most of what we fret over never even happens, so we’ve put ourselves though it needlessly. If it does happen, we’ve lived it twice! I know that. I like it, yet I still worry, too! And I understand, whn it’s time to go, you just want to go!

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    moving sounds like a royal pain. It has been years since I needed to do it and I am glad although at times I would love to move someplace else but then I would have problems as there is a lot with this house that we have had for 30 years that needs fixing!!
    Glad to hear the total went over $10,000 –

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    Kathy Alden says

    You should be so relieved that you don’t have the bad EFIS! I handled many of the claims in the Seattle area, very expensive home, that were rotting from the inside out!! Very, very, bad, stuff!! You need to quit worrying now and enjoy the time you have left in you house. Maybe you should just quilt, and forget the world around you and the lawn!!! Or knit, or weave!!!!

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    Patty says

    On one of our relocation moves we had to have a Radon inspection and then when the levels were just above acceptable we had to spend $2500 to have the pump put in to pump air out of the ground and all the way up through the roof. What a mess. Especially for something you can’t see, hear, taste or smell.

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    Linda in NE says

    You’ve passed another hurdle just fine. One thing you can be sure of……this will all be behind you at some point. I can’t tell you not to stress because that would be unrealistic…just try not to make yourself sick over things….and prod Vince to try REALLY hard to find you a house over there in Texas now that he will be there full time. After all, he won’t be enjoying your good cooking while he’s there & you’re not.

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    I could write a book about our experience of trying to relocate back to California from MD. To make a long story short, we dealt with a water leak while we were away that caused mold and mildew…major time and repair issues. We had to take out a large loan initially because we couldn’t get the MD house ready in time before escrow closed on the CA house. We had to pay ridiculous fees for staging and I’m still not sure it made a difference. The townhouse took 5 months to sell but we signed off on everything before the major blizzard that hit that area in 2010. We paid down our current loan and are happily residing near our darling grand-children. But for awhile, I thought I was going to have a major break-down. Keep saying “This too will pass.”
    Leslie in CA

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    You sound like both of us. My hub has luck. Things just go his way. Me, not so much. I dont want to say I “stress” about things, because I really try NOT to, but I get worked up about things. O.K., let’s just say “angry” or “irritated”. Which is a type of stress, I guess. I don’t deal with things well either.
    I know about not having any place. We just found a place to rent, and it has been a chore. Not like YOUR chore, but totally unsettling.
    Good luck. Maybe like with love, when you are not looking, it finds you! Hopefully that will happen with your house! But then, you will find the perfect house, and will have to move again when Vince retires!

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    Mary says

    I do feel sorry for you but it will work out and you will get moved and settled. My move is completely on hold though so I’m no longer dealing with the stress myself so it’s easy for me to say 🙂

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    Worry can MAKE YOU SICK – for sure.

    I read a statistic awhile back that suggested that 90% of all of the things that we worry about do not happy – so we are using precious cognitive energy to worry. I TRY to tell myself that “I will worry about *it* WHEN AND IF it happens.”

    The problem is getting “MY” “SELF” to listen. LOL

    I am glad that your stucco is GOOD! Life is a series of challenges – and it seems as if you are an EXPERT when it comes to coming up with SOLUTIONS! Before long, NOTHING will bother you because you will just say,

    “been there done that – can do it again!”

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    99% of what you worry about never happens so worry does work for sure . Frustration in not finding a house and settling your future leads to not being able to handle the obstacles that pop up – ask me how I know. Something as simple as having to deal with a new camera throws me into a hizzyfit – complete meltdown. I know it shouldn’t, but being so vulnerable right now sure sets us up. We will live through it, we will just not look the same. Judy C

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    I feel like you do 3 or 4 times a year and it is always at work and makes me want to quit my job and run away! One of these days, I’m afraid it’s going to happen…

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    I totally get where you’re coming from, Judy. But I came across a saying recently and it is really eye-opening:

    “Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles, it takes away today’s peace.”

    It really hit home for me and I hope you can find something in it as well. Have a peaceful day. :o)


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    Being in limbo is always stressful!!! There you are, bending over backwards and straining your neck to look forward and see if you can make it under that limbo bar…whew! You made this round ! 🙂