A Camping Trip . . Kinda!

We know I don’t need more yarn. We know I’ll never use all the yarn I have. How could I forget . . Vince reminds me every day!  But yesterday I clicked on The Loopy Ewe and read Sheri’s blog and they’re having Camp Loopy!  Check it out.  I definitely want to go to camp.  Heck, I’d go most anywhere to get away from home right now!  🙁

I read all the details about Camp Loopy.  I’ve never changed colors . . I only know how to knit in one color.  It’s time to get out of my box, don’t you think?

After an hour or so of searching patterns on Ravelry, I decided to do either Sothia or Stripe Study Shawl . . maybe both.  What else do I have to do these days?

After another hour or so, I decided I want to use Madelinetosh Merino Light but The Loopy Ewe only had four colors and those weren’t what I want.  The yarn has to be newly purchased and only from The Loopy Ewe in order to qualify for the camp rewards.  So, what’s a girl to do?  The Loopy Ewe will have an update today and I’ll see if they add more Tosh Merino Light but in the meantime, I ordered some Loopy solids.  I could just use something from my stash and not get to play along with the other campers but that wouldn’t be any fun.

Anyone else going to Camp Loopy?


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    Camp Loopy sounds like fun, but after yestday’s stop at a yarnshop, I just can’t get anymore yarn. As it is, I need to live about 800 more years to use up what I have…and then there’
    s the fabric and cross stitch stuff….LOL I’ll attend it vicariously though!

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    Go and have fun. It’ll be a nice break from the cleaning and all the moving craziness. Plus, if you are not in the house, and you can get your son to go someplace for a few days, then the house will stay neat and clean. So you get to knit and have fun, and your house is still perfect.

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    Denise ~ justquiltin says

    Want to be tent mates and swimming buddies at camp? 🙂 I am going to camp too – chose the yarn I “think” I want to use over the weekend but held off on clicking that send order button because I wanted to see if anything new was added today that I might need instead. 🙂

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    I’ve been trying to convince myself that I should do this, but haven’t quite gotten there yet. Sothia is on my short list too, but I really think a scarf might be more in order if I decide to do it! I’ll let you know…

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    Both shawls are lovely and I love the yarns. Growing up as a red-head, I was pretty much forbidden to wear red or pink … so I especially love wearing them now 😉

    I think my knitting tastes are the opposite of yours. I need a little pattern or I get bored. The Swallowtail shawl I’m finishing has about the perfect level of complexity–the pattern repeats are small enough that they are easy to remember and not too complex to take you away from the television or the business/announcements portion of a guild meeting. I want to knit Crazy Aunt Purl’s Summer Sweater next because I love the shape and it’s knit from the top down with no seams, but I’m wondering if I’ll manage to finish after the neckline and shoulder shaping is done and the sleeves are inserted and there’s nothing but miles of stockinet stitch …