More Red Cross Checks

The mail man brought $150 today and our total is up to $10,895.  I know there are a few more checks coming and our total will go over $11,000.  Saying “I’m amazed!” just doesn’t describe how I feel when I look at the pile of checks.  Quilters truly are so generous!

Tomorrow after the mail man comes, I will enter the new names on the spreadsheet, draw the winners of the quilts, find those checks, copy the mailing addresses and then deliver the checks to the local Red Cross office.

Chad and I were talking about how many quilts I will be giving away.  I had planned to give away one quilt for every 50 checks, or one for ever $1,250 received.  Chad said “Mom!  Don’t be cheap!  Give away a quilt for every $1,000!”  So, that’s what I will do.  I’m guessing I will be sending out 11 quilts!

Many of you sent your email address along with your check but I didn’t think to save all those.  For the names drawn for whom I do not already have your email address, I will call you if your check has a phone number and if not, I will drop a note in the mail to confirm your mailing address before mailing a quilt.

I am not going to announce the names of the winners here on the blog unless those who have won give me permission to do so.  I think donating money to a cause like this is kinda personal and some may not want their name mentioned on the blog.  I will show pictures of the quilts and say what state they’re going to . . I’ll say as much as I have permission to say.

Truthfully, I’m not even sure I have 11 “give away worthy” quilts here because I had already taken so many of my quilts to mom’s to avoid having to move them. I’ll figure out something!

Again, to say I’m so thankful for your generosity and so proud to say that my blog readers are the BEST!!  Thank you all!


  1. 1

    Robin Crittenden says

    I’m amazed too but know that American’s are truly giving people. Whoever wins the quilts will have a really treasure as I think all of your quilts are just marvelous!

    I’ve been keeping my husband updated and he is just as amazed as I am.

    Your generousity is overwhelming and Joplin’s residents will taken care of just a bit more because of you!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. 2


    OMG – I would be hard pressed to find 11 quilts of mine to give away – you are so generous – I’m sure no one expects you to give away that many – the two you showed should be plenty!! I’m so glad to hear that the total checks will be close to $11,000 I’m sure the Red Cross will be so thankful.

  3. 3

    Diann Smith says

    This is to a good cause and YOU Judy are generous with eleven quilts. I hope the winners give their permission because I’d like to know which states they fly to. Of course here it’s so hot I need to be making summer spreads instead of quilts. Pinning one starting in the a.m. House is a wreck of fabric/stuff.

  4. 4


    I doubt if anyone who sent a check expects a quilt in return. I’m sure most people, like me, were just glad to be able to have someone we trust doing the collecting.

  5. 5

    Lynn Miller says

    Thanks so much for doing this Jud. And if you should draw my name for a quilt, I would like you to donate it to the people of Joplin. Thanks Debra

  6. 7


    I appreciate the opportunity to get my donation where it is really needed. Your offer of quilts was a kind and generous one although I know that none of us donated BECAUSE of that opportunity. Please stick to your original offer of 2 quilts. You have already given us such a good feeling.

  7. 8


    If I won, it would be totally incredible! Of course I never win anything. (If I keep saying that often enough I may win something! LOL)

    YOu can shout my name to the highest treetops if I do win!

    Regardless, the reason I donated is because I know what it is like to be in an area where these “events” happen and not be able to do more. We went through Katrina and Gustav most recently and our work was focused on the animals. We could never do enough.


  8. 9


    Judy L – we are so proud of you for taking the iniative and being our leader in this outreach to Joplin. We trust you completely with our money and our quilts. It really does not surprise me that the checks keep rolling in, that is how much confidence we have in you. You are one of the most generous and caring people I know. Thanks for being you. Judy C in NC

  9. 10

    Kathleen says

    I surely don’t expect you to give away ELEVEN quilts! That’s way too much work for you!! I thought when you offered 2 quilts that was generous.

    I didn’t donate because of the drawing – just wanted to help. If my name were pulled, I’d suggest you donate the quilt to Joplin. (Or use the time you would spend on that quilt doing other things – like moving!)

  10. 11

    lw says

    I agree with Nancy that the main reason to donate is to have someone we trust collect it– 11 quilts is a lot of quilts to give away.

  11. 12


    I’d totally forgotten that you were going to give away quilts until you just mentioned it! I thought you were overly generous giving away 3 quilts–I don’t remember you saying one for every $1K. And, all your quilts are wonderful, Judy. Anyone would be so happy to own one, especially under these circumstances!

  12. 13

    Joanna says

    Pat YOU on the back for organizing the fundraiser for Joplin.

    You really don’t have to give soooo many quilts away! But I’ve got to say I’d be tickled to get one!

    Thank you for your generosity!

  13. 14

    Sharon says

    Oh my gosh, Judy. You are one of the most generous professional quilters I know of! It’s always amazing to me how many quilts you make and donate for many causes. Bless you.

  14. 15


    I think that you are being way too generous. Two quilts are enough and I’ll bet that your readers weren’t as motivated by the chance to win as the thought of doing what was needed in Joplin. You’re a great team leader!

  15. 16

    Peggy in Virginia says

    This is a true example of quilters’ generosity and the concern for people.
    Bless you, Judy

  16. 17

    patti says

    you certainly don’t need to be finding more quilts, your initial offer was more than generous. having a” local” trustworthy collection point was the key for me sending the check and I think most others too after reading the other comments. we all appreciate what you share on your blog in the way of patterns, recipes, etc. don’t put undue stress on yourself at this already hectic time. …and you would think chad would know better by now the work and time involved in a quilt to make such an off-handed comment!