A House – Maybe

There’s a house that I had found online and had asked Vince to look at.  It’s farther from work than he wanted to be.  You have to travel a bit down a dirt road.  I mentioned it on the blog about a month and a half ago.  Vince talked to the realtor we had then and for some reason, he never saw it.    We’re about to run out of time and we’re finding nothing so I asked him to please go back to every house we’ve talked about and look at it as if we’re desperate . . because we are desperate!

Today he saw the house I’ve been begging him to see and he loves it!  In fact, he said that he’ll look at houses the rest of the week and if nothing else turns up, he’ll probably make an offer on Monday.   It has almost 150 acres, a 24′ x 24′ guest house (sewing room) with a bath/shower and a kitchen, as well as a 24′ x 24′ shop for Vince.  It has a two car oversized garage that has plenty of room for storage.  The house only has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms but with the sewing room being outside, we figured we could get a nice camper and use that for a “guest house”.  Vince said the guy who had lived there was an engineer and he designed the house and it’s extremely well built.  He said the kitchen isn’t huge but it’s adequate and he thinks I’d be happy with it.  I’ve seen pictures and I loved it.  It’s not all fancy like real new kitchens but it has plenty of work space, countertop and cabinets and two nice windows.

I’m really excited about this possibility.  Living out in the middle of nowhere on 150 acres isn’t for everyone but I remember being a kid on my grandparents’ farm . . in the middle of nowhere on 80 acres, and that’s where I loved being.  If we get this property, in 15 or so years, we may wish we were in town somewhere but for now, I cannot live in a neighborhood with rules — no clothesline, no chickens, no this , no that . . that lifestyle obviously works for some it’s not what we want right now.

I’ll keep you posted . . I’m so excited about the possibility and I don’t even mind if Vince makes an offer on this house without me getting to see it!


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    It sounds perfect! I’ve really worried about you and Vince finding a house, not that I could do anything about it.

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    SarahB says

    I am so excited for you! We have another showing on our house on Friday so my stress level is increasing. Still looking for the next one but we won’t put in ANY offers till we close on this one. That means a period of staying in a rental or with friends after we sell and before we buy. Just thinking about it make me want to cry…. but hearing that you and Vince might have found one (and one that sounds heavenly to me!!!!) makes me feel much better!!

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    I am jumping up and down with excitement for you!!!!! Land, lots of land…..wide open spaces……..chickens, goats, maybe a beef cow or 2…….no red tag man, no noisy neighbors. Crossing fingers and toes.

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    Sharon Spingler says

    I’ll keep my finger……and toes……crossed that you get this one.
    Until I was in the 4th grade, we leased 1000 acres from B & O Railroad for $1 a year. It was 4 miles form town and I loved it.

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    shirley bruner says

    oh…that sounds lovely. i so hope it works out. you deserve some good luck.

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    Oh goody! The thought of being away from my husband until the 10th of August AND not having a design wall would be too much to bear. Hope you can make this house/150 acres work!

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    I hope this works out for you and Vince. It would be so nice to finally have a place, and with all the acreage there’s lots of possibilities. With 150 acres, in 15 years you might make your own town 😉

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    Sandy says

    I am saying a prayer that the house works out for you, Judy. You are a very generous caring person and I know you are going to find just the right house for you. It sounds really nice and not having neighbors, rules, (no Red tag men, lol) makes it especially appealing. I think it is the good luck that red hair is bringing, lol.

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    Pat in Washington says

    OH! Fingers crossed! I grew up on 50+ acres and it’s so nice to have ROOM.

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    Happy Room Diana says

    This sounds like the perfect spot for you. Chickens, sheep, goats, cows and who knows what else you can fit on that amount of land!

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    Donna A says

    I know I couldn’t live in an area that didn’t allow for clotheslines or chickens etc. Some areas even control where you plant trees and what kind you can have! And what color you have to paint your house! My husband believed that the best way to control who your neighbors were is to buy all the property around you when it comes up for sale — so he did. We own about 10 acres (not much compared to 150) in the middle of a small town. Trees are allowed to come up, live, die and fall down on part of it. The grandkids love to go on treasure hunts there. My husband has a shop where he putters around fixing things and building new things. We love it. People keep trying to buy ‘lots’ — we are not selling. I had geese at one time. The sheriff’s dept called me at work because they were out in the middle of the road stopping traffic. My kids and the rest of town are close by but we are not controlled by rules like what you talked about and I’m soooo glad. Hope you get your new place to live — and new chickens!

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    Hilary McDaniel says

    Judy, before here I lived in the heart of Dallas. Now I’m 30 min. into town. I LOVE it. I sleep w/doors and windows open. I hear birds and critters instead of burglers and road noise. I smell the earth instead of lawn fertilizers. You couldn’t pay me to live near town now. I go to church on Sundays and stay in town and get all my errands and running around done then. I dread having to drive into noise,congestion,etc. so I only go once a week. I do go in for guild meetings, etc. but have quilting friends in the country and we drive in together.
    You’ll love it and won’t need to worry about criminals out there. It’s too far for them to bother you. Good luck getting it.

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    pdudgeon says

    sounds like a winner!
    i think i would store everything in the guesthouse temporarily, and eventually build a new Magic Cave.
    About 1,500sqft for quilting, knitting, and your loom sounds about Judy-size to me.

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    Helene says

    I see the blog title “A House – Maybe” and I unconsciously hold my breath and scroll down to see the news you’ve posted. I hope something works out soon for you. I’ve got my fingers and toes and eyes crossed for you. (Okay, not really, but it sounds good.) Good Luck!!

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    Is the 150 acres farmland or trees? I’ll bring my tractor when I come visit! Sounds wonderful…but you and I both like our isolation too. Love the idea of a sewing house.

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    Willie in GA says

    Hope the house works out.Also you could use a flannel backed tablecloth and 3-M command hooks for a design wall.My DD and I use this at retreats,classes etc.I have a small 1 on the back of a door in addition to my reg 1.They can be taken down and folded up quickly.Just be sure and use the command hooks as directed and buy extra mounting strips the hooks are reusable,but strips 1 time use only.

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    Diane says

    Hoping, hoping, hoping!! I’m sure the red hair had something to do with it!! LOL

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    Susan C says

    Oh, I hope this works out for you. I’ll keep my fingers crossed (when I’m not quilting).

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    Kathy C says

    I had the same problem when we moved to Oregon, not being able to find a house. I made 2 house hunting trips out here and found 1 house we liked, and that one fell through. I basically told my husband to just buy a house in the town we wanted to live in with enough room for us and if I didn’t like it we’d get a divorce. Really, I moved here into a house that I had never seen except in pictures, but I am still married. Guess it means I trusted my husband enough to let him buy the house. BUT the next house we buy is one that I get to I PICK.
    I think after you are married long enough we know what the other partner wants/likes and it usually works out just fine.
    GOOD LUCK with this house. It will make the move so much easier if you know where you are going to live.

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    Fingers are crossed here for you. I know it must be agony to not know where you are going to be living.

  21. 48


    Absolutely NO neighbors is a good thing…. 150 acres is a good thing… a separate sewing ‘house’ is a good thing… smallish house for two is a good thing… a shop for Vince is a good thing… What is not to like?? If there is water, this sounds like the right one! CHEERS!

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    So excited!! Can’t wait to hear what happens. With the track record of houses there so far, I bet this one ends up being yours!