Today I’m a Red Head

When I got up this morning I figured it was as good a time as any to get rid of the gray.  It was kinda scary and it’s kind of a weird shade of red — kinda carrot top”ish” in the sun but hey . . I changed it once, I can change it again, right?  I tried to take pictures and you know that I don’t like having my picture taken, even when I’m taking it myself!

At first I took pictures in the mirror.

Ok .. get rid of that goofy look!

Maybe a shot on the timer from the bedroom would work better.

OK .. you get the idea.  The gray is gone and I look terrible in pictures!  I think I’ll keep it kinda reddish but maybe next time I’ll go with more of a brown with less red.


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    Kathy S. says

    I like the color! It looks good on you. I’m glad to read that I’m not the only one who hates pictures.

  2. 5

    Cindy in NC says

    Love it! Maybe those of us who are still coloring our hair should pick a day and do it together. It would make an unpleasant job a little less unpleasant knowing others were in the same boat.

  3. 7

    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    Hey, I like it. It looks good on you. Maybe you were meant to be a redhead……….. I finally got a check off to you today. I have had a problem with a leg and could not get to the mail box. I had to go to the dr. today and the timing was right so as I drove out I put it in the box.

  4. 10

    lw says

    You know, with that hair color, you would look good in a green shirt (like Vince!)

  5. 11

    Pat in Washington says

    I like it! I love red heads! My mom was a red head but when she went grey she turned into a blond!

  6. 14


    Well…I have to say I LUV the red hair! (of course, I’m not predjudice…and my nose is growing…)

    (one redhead to another)

  7. 17


    I like the red. IF I was going to color my gray I would pick something that had red highlights. I did the salon thing for many years. Loved the color but hated the nuisance and expense of keeping it up. A family crisis necessitated letting it grow out for convenience and I haven’t gone back. That doesn’t mean I love my gray but I do love not bothering with coloring. Now I’m going to a better salon and putting more money into the cut. Ah…….what we do for beauty.

  8. 20


    Wow Judy! Your hair looks great! I was really amused at all of the comments yesterday about the lady at Walmart. But I think you made a great choice. What does Vince think?? Does he read your blog??

  9. 21

    Linda in NE says

    The color looks good on you. And not really all that red. Let’s face it, nobody takes good pictures of themselves. I REALLY don’t like having my picture taken.

  10. 22

    Eve in GA says

    Judy, the red looks great on you! Love it!

    I used ‘reddish-blond’ last time, but will go with the ‘light reddish-blond’ that I’m more accustomed to when I do it again later this week. The gray won’t show as quickly that way. LOL! Eve

  11. 23

    Deb Myers says

    are all three pictures from today? your hair and shirt color look totally different in the last picture than the first two~~ different lighting?…different rooms?…flash…no flash? not sure which picture portrays a more accurate representation of the actual color, but i like either shade(s)…you make it work!! you’re very brave to take on the role of color designer!!

  12. 27


    I think it looks great! But, I’m partial since I’m a natural red-head 🙂 (well, mine is more dark strawberry blonde)

  13. 28

    Sandy says

    You look “mahvelous”! It is a very good color on you and you take a good picture of a lovely lady. Good job on the hair.

  14. 29


    Judy, you always look like you are having more fun than anyone else – whatever color your hair is. I agree that it’s a great color for you.

  15. 30

    Darlene S says

    I love your hair color. Hope you feel as good as you look. It looks very natural to me. I remember meeting you in Paducah and in St. Louis and thought your hair looked good both times. I’d call you a brunette with red highlights!! Very flattering. Dar

  16. 31


    My formerly dark brown hair tends to color towards the reddish side. I always liked it, except it changed the color clothes that looked good on me. I really like this shade on you. Wait til Vince sees it — woo-hoo!

  17. 36


    Hey, you look fabulous. Don’t let it go gray at least not yet. It suits you and your complexion. So sassy. You’re a great looking woman, enjoy it. As someone else said, you have so much fun with life in general.

  18. 37


    This is probably a repeat of other’s comments (I didn’t read them), but I think it and you look great! 🙂

  19. 38

    Diann Smith says

    I like it. How do you know how to choose? Lighter color will be darker on or what? I’m getting gray but never have gotten the stuff yet. I still have natural red though it has darkened through the years. I stand and read the boxes but one has never made it into the cart yet. Also how long is it good for?
    Hair coloring virgin………………

  20. 40


    I think it looks geat on you!!! I know how you feel about pictures from yourself, I have the same thing I look horrible on pictures and always delete them if some took one.
    Does Vince seen it yet?
    Bye Marijke

  21. 44

    Terri says

    As a former redhead, I like it! I went gray early, but for a redhead it looks more blonde. So for the longest time people thought I was blonde, but now most seem to realize I’m gray instead! booooo! lol

  22. 45


    The gray is gone, you look good in pictures; you just don’t like these because you held the camera too low. Holding the camera at eye level, or even higher, is flattering. Holding it at chin level or below gives almost anyone a very unflattering chin–something good to remember in case you ever want to take an unflattering picture of someone for some reason!
    The red is nice and doesn’t look very red in the photos.

  23. 46

    Jennifer W says

    The last picture doesn’t look real red. It looks great. You also look as if you have lost weight!

  24. 47

    Evelyn says

    Red is great! I would stick with it. My hair is reddish and when I even think of the sun, I burn. Everyone understands that redheads usually burn. But if I dye my hair more toward the blond side – then everyone tells me – “you’re so pale – you need a tan”. Not that I am saying you are pale! Just saying that it is funny what people will say to me depending upon what shade my hair is! The red looks really good on you! Cheers! Evelyn

  25. 49

    Marla says

    Lookin good! I use red a lot too in my color. Only thing I don’t like about it is that it seems to fade a lot faster than browns do. It really does fit your complexion.

  26. 51

    Sandy says

    I really like you haircolor! Doesn’t it make you feel younger? Looks good, Judy!

  27. 60

    Sherry says

    I LOVE the red!! My hair is originally brown but with the
    gray thrown in, now looks like washed out driftwood. So I
    had it cut really short and colored it a reddish-brown. My
    husband thinks I look like a boy but my girlfriends think I
    look HOT (for an old lady.) LOL You go girl!

  28. 62


    Actually I really like this color. When I colored my hair I used a dark auburn but as I got older dark wasn’t good. I think if I had lightened it to the color you used I would have liked it a lot better. Now it’s white and I love it – none of the hassle of coloring any more! blessings, marlene

  29. 64

    Caroline Dimmick says

    I think it looks beautiful, Judy! It really does suit you, especially your coloring. I say keep it!

  30. 67


    I’m impressed! I spend about $65 in a salon every 6 weeks or so to get my hair to look that good! And I hate salons as much as you do–never liked getting ‘pampered’ (massages, manicures, pedicures etc). Thanks for putting up the photos–LOL

  31. 69

    Sheila says

    I think it looks great, Judy. And wait a few days–the color will change from the first day you did it.

    Before I started doing my own hair, I had a hairdresser who said, “Think of your hair as an accessory, not an appendage that you can’t change!” It’s been my hair motto ever since, and I love trying out new colors or color ranges.

  32. 70



    I usually don’t comment. I’ve been reading your blog regularly for about a year now. My elderly mother is in the hospital and is very sick. What did I do? I came to your blog and read the wal-mart hair color story. LOVED IT!!! Your hair looks wonderful! Funny that I came here tonight and saw this because my children and I were in wal-mart today looking at hair color for me. My 8 and 6 year old girls were especially excited by all the possibilities. I didn’t get any, but your little blog has certainly stirred up some fun in our lives and brings some joy when things aren’t so great. Thank you!


  33. 71

    Judy Furman says

    Your hair color looks great…and you take a very nice picture.
    Also, good luck on getting the house with the 150 acres. It sounds like there will be plenty of room for chickens and maybe some “baby” goats……

  34. 72

    Linda B in MI says

    love it…I have had a bottle of color rinse for a while but been too chicken to try it…since yours looks so great…I think I will do it tomorrow…

  35. 73

    Mel Meister says

    It’s a lovely shade! I had my hair a similar color for years. Perhaps you have inspired me to color my hair again. It’s such a pain though as I have long hair.

    The only thing with red is that it fades to a brassy color. As it fades out, if you put a lighter brown on it, it may turn out more like what you had in mind.

  36. 74

    shari heath says

    I think it looks great! It’s soft and it gives your cheeks a rosy glow…definitely a keeper!

    • 76.1


      Looks great! Good luck on the “new” house. Sounds like it fits your lifestyle and you will have plenty of room to roam.

  37. 77

    Debbie says

    As a fellow gray turned red, I like it.
    We aren’t supposed to go to darker browner colors as it is too much of a contrast to our fair skin. (This from my hair stylist of 30 years. )
    So if you want a suggestion: Garnier Nutrisse Toasted Pecan.
    I like it. And it is a darker browner red. Not purple red.

  38. 81

    Penny Holliday says

    Judy! Judy! Judy!
    I love the new you! What a great shade of red! You done good, girl!! Enjoy!!

  39. 82


    Nice look, Judy. Compliments your coloring, I’m not sure I’d have you go darker…
    I can empathize with your “hate the camera” feeling! My photo sessions (even candids) leave evidence of my permanent sour expression… and I’m REALLY a happy person!!! I end up looking like a squinty-eyed grouch! sniff