Knitting a Shawl

After going through all the multi colored or striped patterns looking for a project for Camp Loopy, Sothia won out and that’s going to be my camp project.  I kept thinking about the Striped Study Shawl, which I could make using yarn I have at home.

There’s plenty of yarn here!  I always tell myself that I want to make something besides socks but the only time I really knit is in the evenings when sitting upstairs with Vince.  I’m not a good enough knitter to follow a pattern, count my stitches and carry on a conversation too so that’s why socks are so easy for me — one yarn, no color changes, no counting — same pattern for the last six years!

But now I have no excuses!  Vince is gone and my evenings are spent alone — no interruptions.  So I dug through my yarn and came up with three colors of of Madelinetosh Pashmina.  I’m so in love with Madelinetosh yarn.  The colors I’m going to use are Cloak (almost black), Charcoal (gray) and Tart (a to die for red).

For the Camp Loopy project, we can’t cast on til June 15 so if I work real hard, I could have this project finished before time to start Sothia.


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    Now you’re talking my language. Lace is really very easy to do, but you do have to concentrate a little and counting stitches helps a lot. Have fun!

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    Gail says

    Judy, What yarn did you use for your Dad’s socks?
    Love your blog!!

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    Mel Meister says

    I just bought some of The Loopy Ewe’s solids for the small version of the Daybreak shawl for Camp Loopy. I sure hope I can do this.

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    Gail says

    What is your favorite sock yarn? I’m a fairly confident beginner, but don ‘t know much about the yarns. I want to have nice, soft, feel good, but strong socks. I appreciate your help and suggestions.