Red Cross Checks Delivered

This afternoon I delivered the checks to the local Red Cross office.  This is the huge stack of checks you all sent in!

The total amount received and delivered was $11,245.  Any checks that come in now will be delivered to the local office as I get them.  All the names were entered in a spreadsheet and for those who sent more than $25, your name was entered once for each $25 you sent.  When the random number generator chose a number for someone’s name who had sent in more then $25, I deleted their name after that, deleted the numbers that corresponded to their name, reset the random number generator and chose the names that way.  Tomorrow I will notify those who have won quilts to confirm  your addresses and next week I will begin sending out ELEVEN quilts!

Thank you all so very, very much for your generosity.  I’ve said it before — most of you have never met me; most of you have no connections to Joplin, MO; there are so very many disasters across our country and other countries where folks need help and I am truly touched that you chose to send money to this project.  I also know that every dollar counts for most of us these days and I never ever dreamed that we would raise much more than $1,000 . . maybe $1,500 so when the checks just kept coming in and coming in, well  . . it’s rare that I’m a loss for words.  There are only so many ways I can say that you’ve amazed me and I think you’ve gotten that message.  Likewise, there are only so many ways I can say “thank you” so I hope you all know how truly thankful I am for each one of you – those who sent checks, those who have prayed for the folks in Joplin, those who are sending quilts and those who read the blog daily.

Thank you so very, very much!


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    that is one big stack of checks! Glad to hear so much was raised, seeing how much devastation is still there on the news can bring tears to the eyes, I can’t begin to imagine how long it will take to clean it all up and start over again for so many people.

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    Lisa Marie says

    That’s awesome Judy! I’m glad this was such a success. Thanks for all your hard work in making it happen.

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    How fantastic! What was the response at the Red Cross office? Maybe a silly question..I’m sure they were thrilled. Thank you once again for organizing this and for your own generosity.

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    Wow, that is truly amazing!! Kudos to you for organizing the effort and being so generous with the giveaway of your quilts. Less to move right? LOL

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    Happy Room Diana says

    You are a wonderful example to us all. I’m sure many of us think we should do something when these terrible tragedies happen, but how many of us actually go ahead and do something. Thank you for being you.

    Diana in England

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    Penny Holliday says

    Please know that it’s you! You are amazing & generous! You have inspired us to send all those checks. It wasn’t that you were giving us the opportunity to win one of your wonderful quilts if we donated. It was your generosity that you set the example by donating a quilt(s) to encourage monetary donations to The Red Cross for the people of Joplin. I know that you inspired me with your very warm heart and I truly thank you!!
    Penny in

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    pdudgeon says

    They should have announced your arrival at the red cross office with a trumpet fanfare—-honestly, you deserve it!

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    Frieda Z says

    There are many people who read your blog and were happy to help when needed. Your Red Cross office should be happy also.

  9. 12


    What a wonderful pile of checks! Thank you, Judy, for doing all that you’ve done and I’m sure will continue to do to help Joplin!

  10. 13

    Perry says

    Thank you for caring, Judy. There needs to be more people like you to help in times of so much distress we seem to be having these days. Forgive the grammar in the previous sentence, lol, but you get the idea I hope.

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    As said before you do have the ear of so many quilters. Thank you for doing this. I had given through my church, but your plea made it so much more personal.

    Thank you, Judy.

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    This is special and wonderful and just makes me love every human on the planet. Thank you, Judy, for giving us the opportunity to be generous.

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    Kathy C says

    GREAT JOB JUDY. You know that amount means that your readers/fans/friends/other quilt people really care about you and a cause you really felt strongly about. I think we were all just happy to be able to help.
    I am sure the Red Cross will put that money to very good use.

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    NancyB in AZ says

    I am proud of us all! You are wonderful to sponsor this. I felt a more direct connection by having you deliver my check. I agree with everything you said. It is amazing what we can do …… when we all pitch in. Money given is wonderful; prayers are also wonderful.

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    Hey Judy, we’re just trying to help you pare down before your upcoming move! Eleven quilts, let’s see that’s … oh, one less box… I’m sure it will drop your costs substantially – oh well, we tried! Well done.

  16. 19


    As much as you inspire people with your quilting and amuse everyone with stories of chickens, kitchens, Vince, Chad and moving, it doesn’t surprise me a bit that everyone was this generous! Considering everyone that you reach on a daily basis with your blogging… But the reader’s reaction is a great inspiration as well!!

    Thanks, Judy!!!

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    Caroline Dimmick says

    Wow! Wonderful job, everyone! Thanks, Judy, for giving us this opportunity to do something for others, and thanks for all your work in this. You have inspired us all! Makes me feel so good to be a part of this.

  18. 21


    Judy, thank YOU for your generosity – you have inspired us all with what one woman with an idea of how to help people can accomplish!

  19. 22


    Thank you Judy for thinking of— and following through with this idea of how we could come together in a meaningful way to help the folks in Joplin during this most trying time and for donating so many of your beautiful quilts. This has been a special time for all of us to come together with your help. Bless you.

  20. 24


    Great job Judy and to everyone… I agree that it meant more to send via Judy since she visits the city so much and tells us so many stories of her shopping trips and restaurant visits….

  21. 25

    Elizabeth says

    I agree with NancyB in AZ ” I felt a more direct connection by having you deliver my check”. Thank you!

  22. 26

    grace thorne says

    judy, that is sooo terrific! thank you for facilitating this huge gift for those in such need. i had already donated through red cross, which is why i didn’t send a check again, but this is a very good thing!

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    Ray J says

    This is truly wonderful. Judy, please don’t forget to give yourself A LOT of credit – for making the request on the blog, for giving us a way to KNOW that the money goes to Joplin, and also for all the work you did on your beautiful quilts!!!
    Bless you!

  24. 29


    That is AWESOME!!! Quilters really know how to come together to help others. I’m proud that I could help in some small way. I pray that the money raised will help the people in Joplin.

    Looking forward to your trip there to give out quilts and hope that someone takes lots of photos of you doing it. Maybe Chad can go along? 😉

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie