Quilts for Joplin Received

Now that the checks have been delivered to the Red Cross office, and I will continue to deliver checks as additional ones are received, I’ll begin showing the quilts that are coming in for Joplin.  Here are the ones I’ve received so far.  I thought I was doing a great job of keeping up with who sent what but I might have confused myself.  If I have any of the names/quilts matched up incorrectly, please let me know.   It’s kinda crazy around here shuffling things around for house showings, appraisals and inspections!

The first two came from Susan C.  Both are darling little quilts that will bright a small child’s day.  You can’t help but smile when you look at these two quilts.

The monkey quilt came from Andrea P.   You know that will make a child happy!

The pink/brown quilt came from Karen and it’s so sweet!  Beautiful embroidery and so soft!

This quilt came from Barbara.  This is a quilt was designed as part of a guild challenge.  The challenge was to use a technique you had never used before and to design it around a theme from a children’s book.  Barbara chose “The Secret Garden” as her inspiration and this quilt is gorgeous!  I hope you can click on the picture to make it larger and see the quilting.  Barbara also sent along the book to go with the quilt and I’ll find a young lady for this quilt and book and hope I can tell her the story of the challenge and the quilt.

This quilt was sent by Shirley.  I think it will be great for a young man.  It’s larger and more masculine colors.

Darlene sent the following four quilts.  She used interesting fabrics to create really cute quilts.

Thank you all for sending the quilts.  Keep sending them!  I’m going to Joplin Tuesday and will take the ones I have so far and find recipients for them but will be back in Joplin several more times before we move.


  1. 1

    Happy Room Diana says

    Well done Judy for collecting the quilts in, but even more well done for the people who have made them. I am sure they will be greatly loved.

  2. 2

    NancyB in AZ says

    All of the quilts are wonderful. I am sure they will warm the hearts of the recipients. Great job!!!!!!

  3. 4

    Katherine says

    Wow! Those are a bunch of lovely quilts. I’m sure the recipients will be delighted!

  4. 7

    lw says

    Such pretty, cheerful quilts! This is bound to put a smile on the faces of the folks receiving them!

  5. 9


    What wonderful quilts, sister quilters. I’m guessing most were ones you had on hand, and if so, I’m going to seriously fit in time to make some I can have on hand that I can give away (and I hope it’s far into the future) when there is a call for quilts.
    God bless you all.

  6. 10

    Caroline Dimmick says

    Oh, what wonderful quilts! Nice going sisters! The colors are so beautifully blended. Beautiful work!