A Capelet

When I first saw this pattern, called Winter Rhythm, I thought it didn’t appeal to me.  My thought about most capelets is that you have to pull them over your head and I don’t like doing that . . simply because it means taking my glasses off and putting them back on and sometimes I get makeup on things going over my head.

After seeing a completed project on Sheri’s blog, and reading others saying it’s really easy to make, I decided to give it a try.  The more I thought about the capelet, the more I thought I might like it, especially in Texas where the winters may be a bit chilly but won’t be terribly cold like we’ve had here.  I hate wearing long sleeves because I so often have my hands in dishwater so having a sweater or even a sweatshirt on in the house has me constantly pushing my sleeves up.  I was thinking that with a capelet, it’s not like wearing long sleeves and if we’re sitting outside on cool evenings, it would be perfect. It’s not like a shawl I’d have to worry about falling off or keep a pin in it to keep it on.

With my ongoing obsession with Madelinetosh yarns, I chose Tosh Vintage for this project.  For hours I went back and forth looking at the 70+ colors on The Loopy Ewe’s website.  I even called and asked for help!  It’s really hard to judge the exact colors on the computer screen.  My first choice was Tart and Tern but everything I make lately seems to be gray or red, or gray and red.  Then I wanted something with Ivy since green goes so nicely with my new red hair.  It was hard to figure out which darker green went with Ivy so I switched to Denim but two shades of blue seemed so normal so I went with Kale and Jade.  I think those colors will be fine together but if not, I’ll just have to order something else!  🙂


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    I didn’t expect Kale to be brown! I’ve made one project with Tart and it’s a beautiful color. Looking forward to seeing your capelet and how you like it. Some of the reasons you cited as to not thinking you might not like one are the same reasons for me.

    Ravelry shows a post about a possible house but it’s not coming up. I’m mainly a lurker but am an avid reader of your blog and I’d love to be able to read it.

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    I was looking at this pattern too. (I like it) …and I too, have spent hours over the past few days looking at patterns and yarn.

    I bought the Sothia pattern (I love it)

    ….. but for the life of me, I CANNOT MAKE A DECISION about what yarn I want. I like the Pashima as well but I cannot decide on a color. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? LOL

    I am sorry I have missed the discount cut off from LOOPY EWE but I don’t want to buy something just for a discount when I don’t know what I want? Does anyone else ever have this problem?

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    Well, at least I now know who wears capelets! I’ve been seeing patterns for them in crochet / knit sources like crazy and just couldn’t imagine wearing one: I’d feel strangled with that…thing! around my neck; it’s the wrong length–either go down to my wrists, please, or stop just after the elbows; etc.

    I push my long sleeves up to three-quarters all day, every day, and when I lived in Atlanta, I just wore three-quarters sleeves. Yes, even in the summer…. And shawls when fall weather came around.

    But at least now I know that capelets are worn by real people, and not just dreamed up by designers! 🙂