America Quilts for the Home

This week my quilt, Paint Chips, returned home, along with a copy of the magazine.I haven’t  had a lot of time to look through the magazine yet but I noticed several quilts I would love to make.  See the chicken quilt on the cover?

Right inside is my quilt . . which by the way, is one of the eleven quilts being donated to those whose names were drown from the Red Cross donors.

Check out the American Quilts for the Home magazine and see if there’s something in there you might want to make!



  1. 1


    Judy, I just bought this magazine yesterday. I had no idea your quilt was featured. How exciting. And such a beautiful quilt. Congratulations!

  2. 3

    Gaye says

    You made my Saturday morning. That is my most favorite quilt of yours and have always wished you gave the instructions. Now I can go get the magazine. Thanks for sharing.

  3. 5


    Great quilt and I love the name! You should have seen the porch and shutters that were littered with paint chips while I was trying to decide on a color!

  4. 8

    Jackie Warren says

    Received my magazine in the mail yesterday. (I had preordered it when you said your quilt was in it) I quickly turned to your quilt. Beautiful.

  5. 10


    Oh, Judy…I love this quilt!! It is just so pretty in every way…and so fun that you are published again!! By the way, thank you so much for organizing everyone for the Joplin donations…that is just a wonderful thing!!

  6. 12

    Terri says

    How exciting! A very pretty quilt, love the colors!
    I’ll have to look for the magazine this weekend.

  7. 13


    Beautiful! I like the crispness of the white with all those pretty color “chips”! Congratulations on yet another magazine success.

  8. 15

    Linda says

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen that magazine, we usually get all the ones from the States, now I’m going to have to go out and check the little corner store that has a million magazines!

  9. 18

    shari heath says

    That quilt just has your name on it Judy! Hopefully your bucket list is shorter than mine.