Does This Seem Fair?

Vince and I had several phone conversations today.  He’s been living in Texas for a week now.

Call #1:

Vince: What are you doing?
Me: Cleaning house. The appraiser will be here around noon.
Vince: I just had the most wonderful breakfast. The Mexican restaurant here has breakfast and it was so good . . and the best coffee in town.
Me: I had a Pop-Tart for breakfast!

Call #2:
Vince: What are you doing?
Me: I’m trying to go through some of the stuff in the garage, pull some of it out to donate and throw away some of it.
Vince: I just had the best steak I think I’ve ever had! Jody told me about a great steakhouse in Santa Anna so I went there. The steak melted in my mouth!
Me: I had a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch!

Call #3:
Vince: What are you doing?
Me: Trying to clean the spots on the carpet on the stairs and then I’m going to give Speck a bath.
Vince: I think I’m going to sit out in the hot tub for a while.
Me: Don’t call back please! 🙂

No, I didn’t really tell him not to call back but I think he’s just living the life of leisure while he’s enjoying his time — eating out and having no responsibility at home.  It’s going to cost him . . big time!  🙂


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    OH JUDY….I am so terribly sorry but I am laughing so hard I am crying.

    NO THIS IS NOT FAIR and I am sorry that it is funny!! It is just the way you wrote it………

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG POSTS!!!! I “feel” like we are friends even though we have never met!!!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  2. 4

    Diane says

    I remember those days. It isn’t fair, but you will have so much fun during pay back time. 🙂

  3. 9

    Pat in Washington says

    OK, that made me laugh – sounds like you still have your sense of humor too!

  4. 10

    Janice says

    Was it my imagination or did I see a post saying that you had found a house in Texas? It showed up in my google reader but when I clicked on it I couldn’t get it to come up.

  5. 12

    pdudgeon says

    Vince sounds like he’s really happy where he is, and that he likes living there.

  6. 13


    Sounds just like conversations between my husband and I when we were in the “in transtion” phase as well. Although i also removed wallpaper and repainted every room in the house while he was off…..somewhere.

  7. 14

    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Looking forward to your Monday’s blog and hoping that the house that we saw on your blog for a very short time yesterday will be yours very soon. It looked great!

  8. 16


    My mother in law told me this weekend that a quilt shop has opened in Santa Anna. We just got back from the San Angelo/Ballinger area for a short visit with the folks.

  9. 17

    Linda Kay says

    Did Vince tell you that in his part of Texas, it’s a little over 101 right now? And you know it’s gonna be hotter about 5:30 or 6:00!!!
    Linda Kay

  10. 18


    I just had this same conversation today! I got an email saying “I had a great meal at a Mexican resturant in I. Falls. Wish you were here!” I get that a lot also.