Housing Choices

We could have choices!  Yesterday Vince found a house that he was so sure would work.  He sent me pictures and I was happy with it.  Then yesterday evening he saw a house that had this:

This one has a better sewing room setup but Vince liked the first house better.   This house is twice as far from work as Vince had wanted to be.  The other house is much closer.  This house has a metal roof, which is what I prefer, but the other house had a better shop for Vince.  And, this house has no garage for the cars but there’s an easy enough spot where we could build a garage and attach it to the house — it’s just more expense at a house that’s already well over the top of what we had planned to spend for a house.  But his view is really hard to beat.  My preference is not to have a pool but Vince would love having a pool.  I would love to have the lake!   I know .  I see lots of grass to cut.  Hey . . I also think I see cows or something across the lake.  Maybe part of the land is leased . . I didn’t get a lot of details but I did get a lot of pictures!  🙂

No matter if we get this house or the first house or neither house, at least we’re finding some that will work.  I’m thinking towards the end of this week I may have to make a quick trip to Texas to help Vince draw straws to see which house we end up getting!  🙂


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    oh how pretty! so there is a lot of grass – that’s why we have riding lawnmowers and early mornings 🙂 the pool looks so pretty and so does the lake – I think yes a quick trip to Texas is in order – surely you want to check these out for yourself – guys sometimes miss things that we wouldn’t!

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    Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

    I would opt for the house without a pool. I have a pool and we used it lots when we first moved in. I like to swim, but I just don’t seem to have enough hours in the day anymore. Also, it seems like the swimming season gets shorter and shorter all the time. My husband hasn’t even stuck his big toe in the pool in the last five or so years. It is a lot of work keeping it clean and the chemicals in balance. We do have a pool service that comes weekly, but the storms always come the day after he’s been here! We’ve even talked about draining the pool and having it taken out, but that is expensive. I have to agree this view is gorgeous though.

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    Well, it looks like your choices are increasing. Yes, a trip to TX. is in order. The view is beautiful, but upkeep of the pool and the surroundings are something to consider for sure—

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    Jo says

    Judy, we live in the northeast, with a short pool season. The pool went in about seven years ago, and I would never have believed how much we love it! It’s like having a vacation at your back door – and because it’s so accessible, you can use it for as short a duration as you’d like.

    I’m so glad you are finally finding options you can live with!

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    Kathy C says

    Finally, choices.
    I LOVE the pool. When we moved to South Carolina everyone else in the family wanted a pool so we put one in. I DID NOT want one. I must admit, I learned to love that dang pool and was very sorry to leave. It was way easier to care for than I thought. The only real task was vaccuuming it but I actually took on that task. I’m SURE Vince would gladly vaccuum the pool.
    I hope you end up with a house you really like, it just makes the transition so much easier.

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    lw says

    Don’t mow the lawn at the new house– get a small (3-5 sheep) spinning flock. Then you can sell wool to the people who sell yarn to you– or trade it.

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    Oh, gosh….pretty view….nice lake……very inviting-looking pool….nice space for a sewing room. I love it! (Oh, wait….I’m not the one looking for a house, though, am I? LOL)

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    WOW and WOW…….isn’t it great to have choices!

    A lake and a pool…….pretty amazing……and the other house is wonderful too……so I hope the BEST HOUSE WINS!

    Congrats on the possibilities!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    You do see cows!! how cool – get that and you will have a stream of visitors ( the people kind!!) Good luck choosing!!

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    ruth anne shorter says

    It is great to have choices!! We live on a lake with year round beautiful views—very inspirational. Water has a tranquil effect on me—but everyone has their preferences. So whatever you decide –we will be praying for that to be the home for you guys!!

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    Sandy says

    Good things come to good people that wait. Things are looking up for you, Judy. Both houses sound so promising. I bet you will be moving soon!

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    Cindy from CA says

    SO GLAD you finally have some choices!!! I would definately drive to Texas. After all the disappointments, I would NOT like to leave my husband with the final choice NOW that there are some properties to really choose from!!!

    Will living further out of town be a deal killer??

    I hope that this is just the START of some new choices!!


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    Wowzers! I love that view. It is so nice to finally have some choices. I hate it when you can’t find what you want. Best of luck Judy, things seem to be looking up!

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    Penny says

    Wow! As someone living in the crowded UK, I could only ever dream of having that amount of space around me.

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    Happy Room Diana says

    With a view like that I would never get anything done! BUT I’d be happy not doing it!

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    Amazing view! I would be sold on that one.

    I would love to have a pool (at least a hot-tub) but only if I could pay for a pool service to maintain the chemicals, etc. Daily skimming, vacuuming would be ok for me to do, but that’s all. Mike used to work at a hotel and was in charge of the pool and refuses to deal with one again 🙁

    Maybe once the kiddos are a bit older, we can have a pool.

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    Possibilities are as good as options – I can see you sitting by the pool with a view of the lake completing many knitting projects. Some houses feel “more righter” than others – you will know which one to choose. Judy C

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    don’t let the pool be a problem. if you want the house, get it. we have a pool and have had it for 10 years. once you get the knack of keeping it in balance, it’s fine. not a big deal. i love the lake and the view! good luck!

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    Jackie Warren says

    Things are looking up for you and really exciting now. FINALLY…..Know that you will be heading to Texas soon. Can guess that you are anxious to meet Vince’s little “friends” also. Take care.

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, Things are really looking up. I would go with the one that the house pleases you most. Where do you enjoy spending MOST of your time — sewing, cooking and kniting — which house has the best features for these activities. Go with what brings you the most joy. We are all on your side and will be waiting for the open house party!! Dar

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    Donna says

    Gorgeous!! If that’s the view from the sewing room I’d have trouble sewing. I’m not a pool person but man that looks relaxing. Wait until you see the kitchen and sewing room to make up your mind. Get on the road before someone snatches both up. (lol)

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    Diann Smith says

    Pools are money pits on upkeep……..and Vince’s area in the other pictures..I have NEVER seen a spot so clean. I’m liking the first choice which is closer to work……….but hey I haven’t seen the pictures of the second house.

    I know you two will figure it out what’s best for you. Good luck and don’t let the one you decide on get away.

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    Linda in NE says

    I’m happy things are looking up in the house hunt….choices, wow!! I wouldn’t want the pool either, but agree with you about the lake. I’ll be curious to see which you choose, or whether you choose either one.

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    Mary says

    After all my years in Florida I miss having a pool! I can’t wait until the 4th when we’re heading south and east and will spend a week on the ocean in Cocoa Beach. It will probably be hot as heck but I plan on being in the water the whole time!