Stash Report – Week 24, 2011

Nothing in and nothing out this week.  I sewed a bit but it was on the indigo quilt and that yardage has already been counted.

Used this Week: 0 yards
Used year to Date: 170.75 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 10 yards
Net Used for 2011: 160.75 yards

How are you doing with your stashbusting?  Now that 2011 is almost halfway over, can you see any progress in  your stash reduction efforts?


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    I’m only 58 yards down this year so far! Don’t laugh! That’s probably a couple of hundred yards better than in prior years! It’s amazing what I’ve found in my stash to use up. Who’d a thunk it?!!! Your numbers are fabulous! I want to be you when I grow up!!!

  2. 2


    I’ve used about 1/3 of what I’ve bought this year, but it is necessary in order to use my stash. I was getting down to small, awkward pieces that were too small to be enough for a project (even for my small table runners, I’ve having trouble finding enough of all of the colors), so it was time to buy some yardage. I am using up the smaller pieces, though!

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    No visible progress for me with the stash this year, but I am making good progress cleaning out the UFOs! Even better 🙂

  4. 5


    I’m doing better then last year on both not buying as much and using more. I was playing around with my fabric tracking spreedsheet this moring and realized that my average amount used each week is only a little over 1 yard. Which I find a bit depressing. But like Jennifer, I’ve made great progress on clearing out my UFO’s.

    I have decided that stash busting is like dieting. It’s easy to put on the yardage, much harder and slower to take out the yardage.

    Thank you for hosting the stash report. I learned a bunch last year about my habits from and that has made a big difference this year.

  5. 6


    I definitely think that I’m doing better than last year. At least this year I have a conscious about frivolous stash buying!

  6. 7


    I just cracked 100 yards purchased – eek! I’ve used a lot of it, but it’s still scary to see 100 yards.

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    The stash report keeps me motivated to finish projects b/c I don’t count any yardage until it is completely finished. So, instead of piecing yesterday I finished quilting and bound a little quilt for my son just so I had something in the “used” column today.

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    This is the 3rd year I’ve kept track of my usage and purchases (not just fabric). So far this year I’ve used more fabric that I did in all of 2010 or 2009 and I’ve been purchasing a good deal of fabric this year. The difference is since most of it was backing fabric I turned around and immediately used it and what’s in my stash so my stash is smaller by 26 yards, although I sure can’t tell it.

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    I’ve used 38 yards so far and my stash doesn’t look like anything has changed! Even with only having bought 3.5 yards. Well at least I’ll have a point of comparison for next year. As for backs I’m using from my stash – no buying for backs. If it doesn’t match, well I’ll use a binding that works for both.
    Your numbers are great, Judy.