Vince’s New Friends

Vince has rented a little bungalow that’s situated on someone’s farm.  There are chickens and these!

They’re Sicilian donkeys.  I’m not saying there’s any relationship but . . well, I don’t know . . there might be a bit of a resemblance.


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    Vinces’ little friends are cute! They look like miniatures—Hey, looks like you won’t need those green power weed eaters anymore! A couple of these should do the trick! Thanks for the smile! :o)

  2. 7

    Sibyl says

    It is cute. Kinda reminds me of the donkey from Shrek. It is a cutie. I could see y’all have a couple of those to go with your other critters you are wanting. But I think you are wanting critters that will earn their keep—like chicks, goats, and such. But he is so cute.

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    I didn’t know there were Sicilian donkeys! Fabulous! Now I want one. 🙂 Vince is lucky to be making such great friends so quickly. 😉