Stripe Study Shawl Finished

The Stripe Study Shawl was so easy and didn’t require much counting/concentration at all. The best part is I made it from my yarn stash and used almost all of one skein of tart, about 3/4 of the charcoal and a bit over half of the cloud (black).  The Madelinetosh Pashmina yarn is so great to work with.

Here it is straight off the needles.

After rinsing it, I was hoping I could block it without using the wires so I spread it out on the mats and tugged and pulled and hoped!

But, the more I looked at it, the more I knew it needed the wires.  Those evil wires!  They’re not bad but I talk myself into disliking them.

In the end, I ‘ll be much happier with it after having used the wires.  Once it’s dry, I’ll put it away and then each winter in Texas, I’ll get it out and look at it and remember that once I lived where winters were long and cold and I had good use for a wool shawl!  Or, maybe in my old age, I’ll be one of those little gray red haired ladies, who’s always cold.  I’m not there yet but if I do get there, I’ll have a couple of pretty wool shawls to wear.



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    BethL says

    Beautiful! I love this pattern and am thinking about making it myself. I’m on a shawl knitting kick right now LOL

  2. 5

    Hilary McDaniel says

    Please explain the wires. I don’t understand where they go or how. I usually pin my things w/a lot of pins to dry. Maybe this is better? thank you.. ps how’s the house search? Any news yet?

  3. 7


    It’s really lovely … and I’ll bet you’ll have more occasion to wear it in Texas than you think 😉

    And yes, I say that with a straight face even though in Central Texas, we had our 9th day this year of triple-digit weather and it’s supposed to get even warmer as the week goes on …

  4. 9


    My word…. you must knit at the speed of light!! I thought I was kind of fast, but you win the speed trophy hands down.
    It did turn out absolutely beautiful, and I’m sure you will get to wear is some in TX. We do still occasionally have some actual winter weather along this latitude.

    Kat in Tamale Land

  5. 10

    Gwen says

    You may find that your wool shawls are just the right thing a lot of the “winter” months. Your heavy coats won’t see a whole lot of use. Snow may happen there some. My family near there gets some, but nowhere near MO levels. Shawl is beautiful!

  6. 11

    Linda in NE says

    That was so quick!! If I started a project like that I’d be lucky to finish it in my lifetime.

  7. 12


    Certainly could have used it when in TX a few years ago, not too far from where you are moving to.
    It would have been perfect with my red Velveteen coat!

  8. 13


    That shawl is beautiful. I always want to make what you’ve made. I wish I didn’t have so many projects started right now, but I’d better get the pattern and put it in line.

  9. 14

    Mel Meister says

    I really like that shawl. I’m doing Daybreak for Loopy Camp, the small version. I’m NOT a fast knitter and needed something that I might have a chance of finishing in a month.

    I may buy this shawl though for another time. But… I live in Central Florida. It is very rare that I could use a woolen shawl, either.

  10. 15

    Mary says

    That was so fast! It looks like I’m going to spend at least one more winter here in in MPLS, I should knit myself a shawl!

  11. 16


    The house, the house that you decided on. Need to know. Shawl is beautiful. When do you sleep Judy? Your house search is my daily opener. Thanks for sharing the journey with all of us.