The Rest of the Day

So, the morning didn’t start out so great.  About noon, I couldn’t stay awake so I took a nap — a 3-1/2 hour nap.  It was a good nap and made my afternoon much more enjoyable.

Yesterday Vince went back and looked at the house that I wanted and sent me more pictures of it today.  I don’t know .  . I’m thinking it’s probably not what we’re going to get and I’m ok with that.  Maybe by the end of this week we’ll have some good news.  Maybe!

Then I decided to go out and edge.  I remembered something else I want to add to my list for the perfect house.  No sidewalks to edge!  Dang . . that takes forever when there’s lots of concrete to edge.

I use battery powered weed eaters and I was able to do both sides of the driveway, the front sidewalk and one side of most of the back sidewalk before I had depleted all four of my charged batteries.

If I remember to switch out the batteries on the charger, I’ll finish the edging tomorrow.

And then by Friday, it will be time to cut the grass again!

All we have are weeds and they grow . . rain or shine . . I just cut the grass on Monday . . that’s just 2 days ago and look at these blasted dandelions!

Just when I’m thinking that Vince surely picked a great time to leave . . right smack dab in the middle of grass cutting season, and he calls and said “I’m just letting you know that I’m going to the country club for dinner with friends so I won’t have my cell phone on for a while!”  Huh?  He’s at the country club eating . . I’m sweating and dirty . . and my head hurts because my allergies are not pleased with all this grass cutting and edging.

And, then, I look out towards the dumpster and . . no . . tell me it’s not true!

A black cat!  I’m really not superstitious but even, so . . closer scrutiny reveals that he has some white on his face and a white paw or two.


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    I’ll say an extra prayer for you that you get an offer soon on your Missouri home so you can join Vince!!! PS…we are home shopping for our daughter and the houses that look the nicest on the outside are also better looking on the inside…..curb appeal really does count!!!!

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      I’m trying to keep that curb appeal . . appealing! 🙂 There are just so many darned houses for sale in our area . . I guess it’s that way in every area except where we’re moving! 🙁

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    Aww, don’t B hatin on the black catz! When I was growing up, our family cat was black, and he was a sweetie-pie! (OK, not to birds & rats, but to humans, he was great.)

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    Glen in louisiana says

    My Aunt ‘s black cat was named Dog. He was a trip! Crossing my fingers for the selling of the house…….soon!

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    Jane says

    This is probably more of question for Vince the Tool Guy, but why do you edge the lawn with weed-eaters? A power edger would make that a 15-20 minute job. Granted, you have to put gas in them once or twice a year and get a new blade every two or three years but it sure seems easier than wrestling with batteries and weed eaters. We’ve had ours since 1980 so have also had to change the oil a few times…

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      We don’t generally live where edging is necessary. In KY, we were rural and in TX, we’ll be rural again with hopefully no sidewalks or if we have them, just a little bit of sidewalk. The two houses we’re considering there both have long gravel driveways so we won’t be edging there. We just ended up with way too much sidewalk at this house and we knew we wouldn’t be here that long so never invested in a real edger. Even the lawn care guys around here edge with the weed eater.

  5. 5

    Linda in NE says

    Just pay no mind to that black cat superstition. My black kitty is as black as black can be and she’s such a sweetie. Maybe you’ll have to tell Vince not to tell you about the fun things he does in TX while you’re stuck back in MO. And you need to get out and do some fun things yourself…edging sidewalks doesn’t count.

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    Diann Smith says

    You ARE getting the short end of the stick but there’s nothing like a cat and black ones are the sweetest. I miss my Smokey.

  7. 8

    carol c says

    i sure was hopeing you would break down and take that acerage with the pool and water. Ideal for me. LOL but no $
    recall that tv ad of two adults sitting in identical tubs watching the surf and or sun, with a drink or a enhancer ad? LOL, thinking about buying 2 horse troughs for each of us to sit in outside as a “pool” LOL
    country club? there goes more green tees into the trash-lol