A Visit From The Red Tag Man

Ugh!  This morning we were sitting at the breakfast table.  It was mid-morning and we weren’t eating but Chad, Nicole and I were just sitting there.  Chad said “Someone just drove up  . . it’s someone from the City!”  Great!  It’s always a mad rush to get to the door before they ring the doorbell because Speck barks like crazy when the doorbell rings and then he’s so busy trying to get to whoever’s at the door that I usually just slip out through the garage instead of trying to get out the front door.

I think I scared Richard, the red tag guy, because he was standing there fixing to ring the doorbell when I came racing out before Speck knew we had a visitor.

Red Tag

Red Tag

Someone had complained about the grass in the back behind the house at 715 but I’m 713 and there’s not a house at 715 so he wanted to look behind my house.  OK!  I said “Richard . . please be kind.  Vince has already moved and I’m the chief grass cutter around here and I’m not very good at it!”  He assured me everything was fine, even my back yard, though I could tell he would like for me to weed eat around the dumpster.

I feel kinda bad because I know everyone in town gives him such a hard time and he’s just doing what he has to do.  He told me if I have any problems keeping the yard up, just let them know.  I wanted to say “Great!  I’m having problems!”  But I think he means like if the lawn mower is broke and the grass needs cutting today and it’s going to be the day after tomorrow before I can get it cut!

He was very nice and he thinks the complaint is about the lot that’s actually three lots behind me not even on my street but they let the grass grow way in the back and they cut it and bale it so he said he’s going to report back that it’s not my lot but it’s an agricultural lot and leave them alone.

I also had a visit this morning from the lady who took my chickens . . a delivery of three dozen eggs.  Their mama chocolate lab just had 11 babies and they had taken them to the vet to have their dew claws removed.  I have a plan for getting Vince to fall in love with them and want to take one to Texas.  If we’re going to live in the country, we need an outside dog or two!   When Vince is home for July 4, I’m going to suggest we go out and see the chickens and then . . he’ll see the puppies and he’ll want one!  I love labs and I think those puppies will be ready to find new homes before I move.  Sound like a good plan?


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    You won’t be sorry with a Lab! They are the best dogs ever! Good luck with your dastardly plan. (Suzanne would be proud of me) (inside joke)

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    pdudgeon says

    Chad would probably love a lab. they make great gun dogs and excellent duck retreivers. We had a lab when my kids were growing up, and it was so funny to see the lab’s reaction to the kids. other than training them to leave the dog’s food and water alone, it was love at first sight for both kids and dog.

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      la9052 says

      Yeah, about that gun dog thing…I have a black lab who’s afraid of any loud noise – gun shots, thunder, 4th of July, you name it, she goes ballistic. Nothing like a 70 lb. baby shaking in your lap.

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    You must have ESP! I was just wondering this morning if you were getting any fresh eggs or if you were having to eat store eggs. I am so glad I’m a so far from you because I’m a sucker for a cute black lab puppy! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good luck with your plan.

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    Sherry says

    I’m sure you won’t miss the red tag guy when you move. That would drive me nuts and that’s not a long way to go.

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    Terri says

    Holy carp Judy, no wonder you don’t want to live in the city limits again. Weed eat around the dumpster? yikes…..

    YES! on the Lab!!! You soooo need one in the country. And labs are such good dogs, I have a lab grand-dog lol and she is so good. But so are Border Collies, we just got one and she is the cutest little fur ball you’ve ever seen.

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    Terri says

    oh oh something just dawned on me….. quilters love chocolate right? You are a fabulous quilter, the puppies are chocolate labs….. it’s meant to be! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Glen in louisiana says

    Ohhhhh! In my 38 years of dog training it was the chocolate labs that were the worst.

    I hope you gave the red tag guy a jar of something since he by passed youths time!!


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    Linda in NE says

    Yes on the Labs. They’re wonderful dogs and if you had a couple of them you wouldn’t be so scared when Vince is gone…they’re big enough to protect you if need be. They can be stubborn though, and really good at totally ignoring you if they don’t agree with what you want them to do…..all in a very good-natured way.

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    Yes…good plan…get lab…but outside…never gonna happen, that lapador retriever will be hangin inside in the a/c…

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    Woa! Goodbye red tag man! And Judy I had two choc labs! Loved them so darn much would do it all over again!

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    Karen B says

    Besides, tell Vince building a dog house is much easier than building a chicken coop…and less likely to tip over…hee hee

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    I want one!! I want one!! I have had labs for 25 years. I will always have labs. They are my fav, but no matter WHAT the dog is, I guess I am in the ballpark of having the dogs in the house. I think it is easier for training, and they become better dogs, and if you bring them with you everywhere, they become great travelers. Unfortunately, the place we are renting will only let us have 2 dogs, and we have a doxie/mutt and a lab right now, but they are old, and I want a PUPPY!! And my lab HATES the heat and bugs (just like her mom), and loves the air and winter! Good luck. All I have to say, is TRAINING, TRAINING, TRAINING, labs need a lot of it, but they are the best!

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Our lab takes out snakes, moles, gofers, possums, raccoons, coyotes, but yet he absolutely LOVES the UPS and Fed Ex men!
    You need one to take care of you in the country.

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    You sure you want a baby dog at this point? You are a glutton for punishment when you get stuck on an idea, girl!

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    Ann Sandberg says

    Judy–your chicken/dog plan made me laugh out loud! Good luck with that scheme. It is one clever scheme.

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    Cheryl says

    We have two labs – one black (Bruschi), one yellow (Brady). (Can you tell we are Patriots fans?) Brother and sister. Went to breader to pick out a yellow one, but when I saw the black one – had to have that one too. My kids of course wanted two so they asked their dad. He said “if your mother says its ok” thinking I would never agree to two. Boy was he shocked! I just love my black lab –love the yellow one too – but I definitely have a soft spot for my Bruschi. They are the best dogs and so great with kids.