Sewing . . Finally

Chad has been so sick and I hated to disturb him by being downstairs right outside his door sewing while he’s trying to rest.  For the first time since Sunday, his fever has finally broken and he’s made it upstairs and it’s looking like he may survive.  Nicole has been a Godsend!  She stayed here three nights and set her cell phone to go off every four hours, woke him up and gave him Tylenol or Motrin and I was able to get some sleep.  I wouldn’t mind keeping that girl.

So, today, I’m able to sew again . . pick up where I left off with my indigo quilt.

There’s been lots of knitting time and I finished a good book but I was about to have sewing withdrawals.  Hauling stuff upstairs would create a mess up there and I I don’t need that while the house is for sale . . not that anyone’s looking at it!  Hopefully the rest of today . . late into the night will be spent sewing.

Anyone else getting to sew today?


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    shirley bruner says

    YES….i’m sewing today….actually, i’m quilting….on my indigo quilt. it is going to be an indigo wholecloth. thought i would try something different this time.

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    Unfortunately I will not be able to sew this weekend, I twisted my ankle while falling in the parking lot at work yesterday. It happens to be the driving foot, and I don’t think I can carefully ‘drive’ the sewing machine pedal with my other foot.
    Glad to hear that Chad is getting better, and it sounds like Nicole is a keeper.

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    Melanie says

    I have been on facebook too much. I wanted to hit the like button when you said that Nicole was a keeper. Glad you are getting some sewing done.

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    Glad to hear Chad is feeling better. Not much sewing done here today, but I have been fabric filing!! I had a big pile that needed to go back where it came from ! Also I cut up a whole load of fabric into 2 1/2″ strips to make a 1600 jelly roll quilt.
    My Happy Room still looks a mess, but I am getting there.

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    Marilyn Smith says

    So glad that Chad is better. Nicole will be a good nurse! She does sound like a keeper! I was beginning to think you were making a quick trip to Texas to look at those houses. Sure hope you get more traffic going through your home – and soon! Glad you got to sit, knit, read and relax!

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    No sewing today… putting peas in the freezer. YUM! And I have been knitting… finally finished up the green pair and will cast on another pair later today. But tomorrow is “Quilt Till You Wilt” day with my local guild, and I will be sewing all day! Happy sewing to you!

    Kat in Tamale Land

  7. 7

    pat says

    Just hand sewing my hexagons.
    And cutting more for my hexagon quilt I only need 6,000 of them.

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    margo says

    I am glad that Chad is feeling a little better. Our eldest (22 yrs old) had his turn with the same thing. He had tonsillitis three times last year, two times of which his tonsils had to be drained in the dr’s office – – – not a pretty procedure. For his situation he had to be clear of infection for six weeks before they would operate. Antibiotics worked, but sure enough during the fifth week he’d got tonsillitis TWICE. Finally, the third time he stayed clear and had his tonsils removed! I hope that Chad’s ailment can be more quickly dealt with for both of your sakes. :0)

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    Oh I’d say that Nichole is “in”. Men always fall in love with the first woman that nurses them through a sickness. Because, you know, men ALWAYS think they are dying no matter how sick they might (not) be. Given that he was REALLY sick, I’d say that it’s good that you like your future DIL.

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    Cindy Kuipers says

    Glad Chad is feeling better. No fun being sick.
    I AM sewing today. I have been getting to sew all week. Lucky me! Pieced some batting scraps. Pieced a bunch of fabric scraps. Quilting that now on the machine. Planning to make a cover for the MegaQuilter. Our house gets so dusty. We keep it closed most of the time, but live in the country so….
    Also finishing up UFOs.
    Have a great day!

  11. 11

    Sandy says

    So glad Chad is feeling better. DD had her tonsils out at age 22 (they took her adenoids out at age 12 and not the tonsils because they said she only had 6 episodes of tonsillitis and it must be 8 before they take tonsils out. And this was an ENT doctor!) So, back to the hospital again 10 years later and thankfully she had no trouble with the operation. They do the laser thing today so it didn’t involve cutting which is more serious.

    I have been working on a Disappearing 9 patch top. I have 2 more blocks to make and then get to halve them. I cheated and used some charms by Moda. I really like the colors.

  12. 12

    lw says

    So sewing today (though I may have time to pin a baby quilt tonight.) Glad Chad is feeling better.

    I love the indigo quilt!

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    I hope Chad continues to improve. No sewing today. We are doing some packing today. We wanted to get the collectables undercover before anyone sees the house. We found a house in WI and are negotiating right now. Tomorrow we are going to talk to an auctioneer about selling our house. We will see what he has to say then decide what to do. Moving is a pain!

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    quilterbee says

    I’m glad to hear that Chad , is feeling better and that Nicole , was able to give you a break and help out.

    I’ve been sewing everyday for the last week or so. I’m doing hand needleturn on applique blocks. The pattern is called The Bundling Board. It is four large applique blocks.

  15. 15


    Not as much sewing today as yesterday. I finished my Challenge #1 for the McCall’s Quilt Design Star and got it submitted! Todya is relax day for me. I remember going through withdrawals the 5 months I had my sewing stuff all packed ready to move and our house wasn’t selling. Have fun sewing on you Indigo project. Glad you got some sleep and Chad is feeling better. It’s not fun when you can’t just fix it for your son.

  16. 16

    jane says

    Hi Judy! Glad Chad is on the mend and that you’ve had excellent nursing assistance. So, what is the good book you just read?

  17. 17

    pdudgeon says

    yep, i’m sewing a bit today. was busy cutting up blue strips and white strips to make 35 “Road” blocks.
    the material i’ve chosen is from Jason Yenter’ Camelot line, and just happens to be indigo, black and white so it will fit right in with this month’s sewing project. it doesn’t count that i started this quilt last month does it??? hehehe

  18. 18


    We got our sign in the yard today…now let’s bring on the buyers!! lol

    Glad Chad is feeling better…

  19. 19


    Yay, I have been sewing too. My hubby was out of town this week, so there was time to devote to sewing on projects. I found a patriotic quilt I started last year that was mid stream, so I’m finishing that one up before 4th of July 🙂

  20. 20


    I’ve been away and back and was sure you would have news of a house in Texas. The pictures were beautiful of the pool and the land—looks like Texas. Finshed Eric Carle quilt for our last (and final) grandchild who is now eight months and we haven’t seen him yet. We’re off to N.H. in July to see him and his entire family. Our daughter is in textile research and is a quilter–she found a job doing what she loves–working with fabric and making it her life’s profession. She works for the U.S. Navy and loves it. Not much textile industry left in U.S.–all off shore these days. Very sad. Glad Chad is better and you are keeping grass monitor man at bay. New Lab: excellent idea, you’ll love him/her.

  21. 21

    Darlene S says

    I finally finished up a UFO, well almost (still have to finish the binding.) Glad to hear Chad is doing better and that you are getting back to sewing. I’m behind and I don’t have any of the excuses you do. Dar

  22. 25


    I did sew today! My daughter’s best friend since 2nd grade is having a 1st birthday party for her baby daughter and the baby’s cousin, practically her sister, will be 5. I made matching dresses for them. Also made shoes and a hat for the 1-year old. Lime and pink–SOOO cute! Very satisfying to make something that small–instant gratification!

  23. 26

    Ray J says

    Judy, you must share the good books you read. I’m a big reader and always find the best ones with a recommendation.
    As always, I just love your blog!!! Hope you had fun sewing!