Chad and The Giant Cupcake

Yes, he’s feeling better. He felt like playing in the kitchen yesterday.  He and Nicole decided last night to use the giant cupcake pan she had bought for Chad a while back.  Chad asked me if I had a cake mix and luckily, I did.  They baked their gian cupcake and then he asked if I had a can of icing which I never buy so he made cream cheese icing.

No matter how you slice that rascal, the pieces are huge!

It was nice to get an unexpected treat but it’s really nice to see Chad feeling good enough to be back making a mess in my kitchen!


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    Linda in NE says

    Now that’s a CUPCAKE!!! Glad Chad’s feeling better. My boy had his tonsils out when he was a junior in high school and after that he’s hardly ever been sick. Before that he caught every but going around and was always getting tonsillitis.