Pink, Purple & Lime?

The consensus seems to be that little girls like pink and purple but I need some lime in there somewhere so I can use one of those lime-ish backing fabrics.  How about this?

Purple center but added a bit more lime in the borders?  I know . . it’s kinda wild but it’s supposed to be a drag around, fun, happy quilt.  It’s not a magazine quilt or a show quilt.  I love it but my tastes seem to be kinda . . a little too bright sometimes.  It will be 60″ x 75″ which is a good snuggle quilt.


  1. 5

    Sara in AL says

    I like it just the way it is! The lime is perfect for this quilt. A little girl will love it, this “little girl” does!

  2. 7


    The lime in the border gives it just the right kick and the dancing flowers as a backing would be great. Usually, unless they’re really girly girls, girls like a mix of colors so you’re color choices, I’m sure, will be just fine.

  3. 8

    Mary says

    I love big block quilts and have a Carpenter Star top from earlier this year waiting for quilting. I’m sure the kids will love them.

  4. 9


    Of course she will love it.
    I love to give these kind of quilts with instructions to use it. love it and possibly wear it out – a real “comforter, blankie, etc.”!

  5. 12

    Cindy from CA says

    I LOVE THIS DESIGN!!! Will you be posting directions?? PLEASE??!! I have several neices that I need to make quilts for!

  6. 14


    Lovely – but I’d try and add some more lime to the centre, even if it meant losing the purple or sharing that space with the lime. Great design, though!

  7. 16


    I love the quilts. Both the children will love them. I think the colors are perfect. What a wonderful gift to give them.

  8. 18

    Jen says

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I know it’s a quick one using all HSTs, but where can I pick up that pattern?

  9. 21

    Cindy Kuipers says

    I think it looks great. I like the backing with flowers with the faces from the last post, too.

  10. 23

    Deb Myers says

    Too bright?? … there is no such thing as too bright! Plus ~ this quilt is for a little girl….girls/children LOVE bright colors. Not to worry~~ (i still vote for a purple border and lime green star, tho!!) the finished quilt will dazzle!!! Can’t wait to see both quilts finished!!

  11. 27

    katie says

    nice combination just the right amount of every color. Bright so the kids will never lose it.. Kids hate to lose their blanky’s