Quick Quilts

The folks who took our chickens have the cutest two kids and I wanted to make them each a quilt before we leave.  There’s not enough time to make anything too intricate and I was talking to a friend on the phone last night who said she had just finished the Carpenter’s Wheel big block quilt so I decided to make one of those and then I was going to make something different for the other one but then said . . heck, I’ll make it easy on myself and make both the same, just using different colors.

The little boy likes blue so I’m thinking these are the colors I’ll use for his.  The red in the star will be a brighter red than it appears in this drawing.

This is the fabric I’ll use for his backing.

The little girl likes pink so her quilt will either have a lime or purple center.  What do you think?

For her backing, I’ll probably use one of these fabrics.  I don’t think I have any cute pink fabric to use for the backing but I haven’t really searched yet.  I may come up with something else.

The stripe is actually horizontal.


  1. 2

    Sandy says

    I love the backing for the boy’s quilt. It has my dalmation Roxie on it (now in doggie heaven.)

    I think the colors and pattern are nice. I also like the lime green center and it would look great with the backing.

  2. 5

    Ann says

    If this little girl is anything like my granddaughter her favorite color is either pink or purple depending on which day it is!

  3. 6

    Deb Myers says

    I vote for the lime green star, most definitely!! How about keeping the horizontal inner border purple?? Purple and lime green ROCK together!!

  4. 8

    Becky I says

    The lime center gets it for me….they are so very cute. I am sure the kido’s will just love them.

  5. 9


    Judy, you are just the nicest person—I can’t even imagine making two quilts before you leave for TX! But, knowing you— they will be done in a jiffy! :o) I also like your colors and ideas to make the Carpenters Wheel block for both quilts. I’m sure both little kiddies are going to love their quilts!

  6. 11

    Jen says

    Judy…I LOVE the green middle star, but my daughter, as do so many little girls, loves pink and purple. Love your blog!

  7. 12

    Sheddy says

    Definitely the pink and purple. My grandaughter wouldn’t have anything else.

  8. 13

    Lizzy Hentze says

    Lime green gets my vote although either would be loved to death I’m sure (and the green backing!).
    And thank you for adding your top and bottom border for the Carpenters Star – I love making that block as a quickie quilt but I prefer to make rectangular quilts as opposed to square and I love that the triangles added to make the additional length tie in with the whole half square triangle thing in the main block. Love it, love it, love it!

  9. 14

    katie says

    My vote is pink and purple with the singing and dancing flowers. My grand daughter also is a pink and purple girl. All little girls like to dress up and pretend, the flowers are great inspiration …

  10. 15


    It’s perfect! The Carpenter’s star is a tried and true quick quilt design. Always looks great too! I think they all look great!

  11. 17

    Sara in AL says

    I like the one that you have in the latest post with the purple center and lime green in the border. Love the boy’s quilt, especially the backing! I love Labs too! I vote for the backing for the girl’s quilt with the dancing flowers on it (the first one.) That fabric can inspire lots of stories for a little imagination to come up with. You are such a kind hearted person.

  12. 18


    Hey, Judy! Nice of you to do the little kids quilts… The Carpenter’s Square is “grown up” enough not to be outgrown as the get older. Lime and dancing flowers gets my vote.

  13. 20

    Dolores says

    Love the big block quilt. Can you tell us the measurements you used on this quilt to make the block so big? My Father was a carpenter and would love to make one.

  14. 22


    I don’t know how old the little girl is but if she is young (I have an almost 5 yr. old granddaughter), it would be the purple but if she is older (7-8 and up) then green. Enjoy!

  15. 23


    I really like this pattern! I love big medallion type quilts. I just may have to whip up one of these 🙂