Quilts for Red Cross Donors

I’ve been a bit slow in getting these quilts photographed and in the mail.  I hope to get them all to UPS early next week but here are the quilts that will be going to new homes.  I wish each and every person who donated could have received a quilt!  You were all so generous and I’m still smiling at the huge response.

Except for Pinwheel Garden, all of these quilts are the actual quilts from my books or from recent magazines.

The first quilt is Pinwheel Garden from Nine Patch Extravaganza.  This quilt was not actually in the book as Vicky made one just like it to test the pattern and her quilt was the one used for the book.

Quilt #2 is Shadow Stars and is in Weekend Quilts.  I really love this quilt!

Quilt #3 is Winter Break from Weekend Quilts.

Quilt #4 is Old Country Stars from Nine Patch Extravaganza.

Quilt #5 is Paint Chips and is in the current issue of America Quilts for the Home.

Quilt #6 is Mary’s Lucky Stars from Nine Patch Extravaganza.

Quilt #7 is Cotton Candy Stars from Weekend Quilts.

Quilt #8 is Bloom Where You’re Planted from the Weekend Quilts book.  I made this same quilt and gave it to the people we bought our current house from.  The lady was not happy about moving . . little did I know that just 4-1/2 years later, I would be in the same boat!  I named the quilt Bloom Where You’re Planted and sent it to them and then made the quilt shown below to include in the book.

Quilt #9 is Puppet on a String and it’s in the Nine Patch Extravaganza book.

Quilt #10 is Keep in Touch and it’s also in Nine Patch Extravaganza.

Quilt #11 is Framed Stars and is included the Oh, My Stars II published by Kansas City Star.   The first 1o quilts had been pulled and photographed and I had this one out but it’s a bit smaller than the others and I kept debating about whether to find a larger quilt or use this one.  It’s so bright and pretty . . I love the border!  One of the ladies who won a quilt wrote me and told me that she had already decided that if she won, she would donate her quilt to a 12 year old girl who’s going through a rough time.  Right then, I knew for a fact that this quilt was the perfect quilt to send to her.

Again, I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated to the Red Cross for Joplin!


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    I love them all, and so glad I have the books! You are extremely generous for doing this also, but knowing they will have good homes (and you dont have to MOVE THEM) has to be comforting for you too, as they are a big part of your life, if they are in your books. And how special to get an “original” Judy quilt, to be able to say “this quilt is the one is this book…”, just plain fun. I was too busy to donate to your cause, but sent a check to RC. Thanks for all you do. You are amazing. And the balance just goes to show also, you have a really good following!

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    I just put your books on my wish list. Those quilts are gorgeous!! That was extremely generous of you to donate.

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    What a gorgeous parade of quilts! The winners will be honored to have one of your quilts, but the big winner is the American Red Cross and the Help Joplin project! Thank you again and again, Judy, for putting this project together and so generously donating your quilts!

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    quilterbee says


    Your quilts are wonderful and it’s even more wonderful just how big your heart is.

  5. 8


    Our very own private quilt show – a wonderful one-woman show – beautiful quilts along with a beautiful spirit of giving. Great combination. Judy C

  6. 10


    Oh congrats to the lucky winners! I was hoping to have a new quilt for my new bedroom, but I guess I will just have to make one myself… lol

  7. 11

    Sandy says

    The quilts are all gorgeous! My favorites are Shadow Stars and Old Country Stars. There are going to be some very happy people receiving your quilts.

  8. 13

    Diane says

    You are so generous, and so are your readers! I need to replace my copy of Weekend Quilts. I let someone borrow it and they never brought it back. I guess they loved it a lot. When you get to where you can find your box of books let me know so I can mail you a check. If it takes until you settle in Texas that is fine, don’t go through boxes just for me.

  9. 14

    Linda in NE says

    They’re all so beautiful and you’re so generous to part with even a single one. I just know the winners must be thrilled to get them.

  10. 15

    Ray says

    Judy, you are truly amazing and Oh So Generous!!!!!! Congrats to the winners – and to everyone who donated!!!!

  11. 16

    Nancy Latham says

    I know each and every one will go where they should. Quilts just do that it seems. Hope we will get to know who won the quilts. Thanks for so generously doing this and taking time to see that Joplin got the donations directly. I always wonder if my donations really go where they were intended.

  12. 18

    Becky I says

    Those quilts are beautiful and your generousity is amazing. Thanks for all you do for your blog readers. I know I’m not getting one because I didn’t send you a quilt but I wanted to say thanks for all you do anyway. Good luck on your move.

  13. 19

    Robin Crittenden says

    You just have the most giving heart and the talent you have is
    shown in all of these beautiful quilts. Who ever gets one from
    you will have a real treasure.

    I hope you find the perfect home soon and look forward to seeing it herein your blog.
    Hope you have a quiet restful Sunday and get to knit or quilt.

  14. 20

    Glen in louisiana says

    Oh noooooo! I guess I didn’t win one. I am going to drown my sorrows in one of the chocolate cupcakes I made for fathers day tomorrow!


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    Darlene S says

    Judy, all of the quilts you donated are just beautiful. It would have been hard to pick a favorite, but any one of them is a winner in my book. It would have been nice to have won, but I’m sure the winners will love their gift. It was such a great thing that you did. I’m with Glen in La — time to hit the chocolate to drown my sorrows! Dar