50 More Days

Is this move taking forever or does it just seem like it to me?  It looks like the for sure date when I’ll be leaving is August 8.  That’s 50 days from today but who’s counting?

When I was in Louisiana in April, I figured for sure my next trip there would be from TX and I go back to Louisiana about every three months.  That’s not going to happen!  I’ll be doing good to get back there by September or October at this rate.

I am so ready to be in Texas, in my own house, not looking for a house, not packing, not cleaning for someone to look at the house.  Saturday was not a good day around here.  Chad said “Mom, at least this is your first meltdown!”  I said “No, dear . . it’s the first one you’ve seen!”

I’ll make it . . I’ll get lots of quilting done, lots of knitting done but I’ll definitely be glad to get settled there.  Vince has promised this is our last move but I seriously doubt that’s a promise he can keep.  All I have to say is . . if it happens again, he’d better not leave me at home during grass cutting season!


  1. 1

    Alma says

    We will all be doing the countdown with you. In a few days you will be able to say “I’m moving next month” that sounds better than 50 days!
    You will make it—-hang in there.

  2. 2


    Glad you have a date and are counting down. YES GRASS CUTTING SEASON has to be challenging! You are, on the other hand, AMAZING, so it is no wonder that you do all that you do – AND ATTEND CAMP LOOPY as well!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    Glad you have a date and are counting down. YES GRASS CUTTING SEASON has to be challenging! You are, on the other hand, AMAZING, so it is no wonder that you do all that you do – AND ATTEND CAMP LOOPY as well!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  4. 5

    Becky I says

    I felt just likethis during our remodel. I thought it would never end. The contractor finally finished. I’m making new window treatments and open house is scheduled soon. This won’t last forever it just feels like it! Stay calm, you can do it.

  5. 6

    Marilyn says

    Only 50 more days, that’s not bad, it will pass
    quickly. Maybe you could get Chad and his
    girl to help with the lawn chores. That would
    leave you more time to quilt and knit.

  6. 7


    I’ve been thinking like Marilyn. With a big strapping adult male still in the house, you shouldn’t have to worry about the lawn!

  7. 8


    At least it’s not time to shovel snow! 🙂 Having lived in the same house for 28 years, I can’t begin to imagine how unsettling this must be-the waiting…..Praying it will go by fast and that you will have a wonderful house to move into!

  8. 9

    Perry says

    It’s getting closer! When Chad gets well again, perhaps he can help with the mowing. So glad you had some help when he was ill. I know you have been worried about him.

  9. 11

    marcie says

    Having a move date sounds encouraging – something specific always comforts me. I hope it is so for you.

  10. 13

    Debbie in AB says

    Moving is right up at the top on the list of stressors. I sure hope you find a house soon and that you sell your current home so you can quit showing it. Enjoy the quilting and knitting.

  11. 15

    pdudgeon says

    nope, it seems like a long time to me too, so you’re not the only one. (((hugg)))

  12. 16


    This whole moving deal has probably longer for you, since you didn’t mention it for a while. I think the time will go slow for you since you are now so anxious to get it all over with.

    I imagine it’s hard since you are thinking about everything you were starting to grow, harvest and can that you can’t do right now.

    Hope you get to go soon to see the house options. At least, if that’s done, you can start planning what changes to make.

    Keep cool!

  13. 17

    Glen in louisiana says

    We might be calling you Madam Meltdown!

    Frank is Captain Obvious, he is always stating the obvious!


  14. 18

    Dawn says

    Judy. this too shall pass. It is always difficult to move. there is so much uncertainty. will I like it there? will we be able to have a garden? chickens? will there be enough room for my stuff? there are tons of us out here in blogland praying for you for a lot of strength in this difficult time and in a year you will be looking back at the blog going I dont remember going through all that. keep your chin up girlfriend and all will be right with the world soon. keep on quilting to calm those nerves. I know I can knit like crazy when my life is crazy and I can channel that anxious energy into something tangible! like a 2 mile long scarf made in an hour LOL
    good luck. Dawn in Ma

  15. 20

    Karen says

    Judy, it does seem like it’s taking a long time – I vaguely remember a post stating you’d be going in June. Have you found a house? What happened to the one with the pool and the beautiful view? Hang in there – August will be here before you know it.