More Red Cross Checks

A few more checks for the Red Cross came in last week totaling $225 and were delivered this morning bringing the total received to $11,470.

Twelve quilts have been delivered to Joplin residents and the following quilts have come in and will be delivered on my next trip to Joplin.  I will continue to update with links on the Help Joplin tab above.

Also, I forgot to post about the bags that Nancy’s group sent.  I think I counted 16 of them and I took a picture but it’s not on this memory stick so as soon as I find it, I’ll share that photo.  They’re nice bags made by a group at a senior center.  I’m hoping to track down where the folks went from Greenbriar Nursing Home and give the bags to them.  Quite a few residents there didn’t survive the tornado.

This quilt was sent by Shirley:

The following 9 quilts were sent by friends of Kelly Ann.

Thanks again to everyone!


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    Nancy Latham says

    Isn’t it wonderful how quilters are ready to share their quilts when there is a need. It always amazes me how many we can find to give.

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    I want to send some quilts, but I’m a little afraid that mine don’t compare to how gorgeous these all are! You ladies really do a great job on these quilts. I know they will bring comfort to their recipients.