The Ironing Board

Why do I have a big ironing board but I have so much clutter and junk on it that I can only iron on one little corner?  You can see the little corner where I iron — all scorched and ugly.

This morning I cleaned off the surface and I told myself I am going to keep it clean.  Yes, the cover needs to be changed but it all has to come apart for the move so I’ll throw out the old cover then and get a new one when I get to TX.

This afternoon I’m going to start putting together “kits” of  quilt tops, backing and binding or the fabric needed to complete projects and then in a week or so, I’ll start packing up the sewing room . . once I’m sure I have enough supplies left out to keep me busy til moving day.


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    Jane says

    Good idea, Judy. I was thinking along the same lines, but can’t get a large enough space clear on my cutting table!

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    Debbie says

    What do you make your ironing board cover of? I have been thinking of using some ugly fabric from my stash? Is there any reason not to?

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    oops not my link on that last post, I had been cutting and pasting before I left a comment on yours – that is an interesting link though if anyone wants to go see it 🙂

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    I am laughing because my ironing board is so cluttered with other stuff that I, too, iron in one tiny spot. I’ve cleared the board many times but within a week the junk is right back on it….. go figure.

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    Tina says

    DH and I made a similar ironing table, only much narrower. I also have trouble keeping it clear, so we just flipped the top when one side got scorched. 🙂 My fashonista son (18) uses the ironing table more than I do! We just stapled batting and muslin onto plywood for the top. I’d hesitate to use a cheap print in case the dye ran. Also, on a solid background, you can admire your lovely blocks/quilts and they won’t compete with the background.

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    Ellie says

    I have the same problem with any flat surface! I can’t keep them clean and so I work in a small space with piles of projects and books, etc. around me. Maybe someday I’ll become neater but I’m not holding my breath.

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    My sisters (two from Blue Mound, KS; and one from Ft. Worth, TX) were in. One needed to borrow an ironing board. She started for my sewing room, and I told her to freeze! I knew that my ironing board there was covered in piles … projects, etc. and if she moved them, I’d never find them …..

    I instructed my son to grab ironing board number 3 from out in my sunroom. [I didn’t typo – board 2 is an antique wooden board, also down in my sewing room … but MAJORLY heavy … wooden, ya know!]

    My son asked what board? I said ‘the big board’ … not either of the two travel boards out there … the big one, standing in the corner. This caused all of my sisters to start questioning how many boards I had, since they now knew of 5 … I had to admit to the wooden board also in the basement.

    They laughed at me, and said … “One for each sewing machine?” It was my turn to laugh and say “Nope! Two! I only have 3 machines!” That startled them even more! LOL

    The sister that wanted the board in the first place, then said; I need an iron. 🙂 I said “I’ll get one for you.” They decided they didn’t want to know how many irons. 🙂 [The answer is 4. And a ‘clover mini iron’. :)]

    I dread ever moving! I don’t know how you’re dealing w/ it, Judy!

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    I really like your ironing board……this makes me want to have a nice wide one. I guess I can justify a third one since the other two aren’t wide….right?

    Judy – how will you decide how many projects to keep out – you are so prolific!!!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    Cheryl in CT says

    My dad made me one of those big boards – and I love it – I covered mine with the “Ironing Board Cover – Silver” fabric from JoAnn’s. I had it in the house because I was making potholders at the time and went flat on that project. It’s $10.00/ yard at Joann’s but if you have a coupon it is pretty reasonable. It doesn’t scorch, and wipes up easily. I had an old cotton blanket that I used as a batting underneath. Just a thought for when you set up your new sewing room!

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    I can’t imagine how many projects you need to organize, to keep yourself busy for the next 36 days. Although now that I type it, that does at least seem a countable number. Have fun figuring out all those projects. And good luck with your packing and move.

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    I cover my ironing board with pretty jolly fabrics.. makes ironing a little more fun!
    How about giving us a tutorial on how you go about sorting out a quilt for a complete project to work on later.

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    I have been buying really fun cotton fabric for my ironing board covers – it just makes it happy in my sewing space. I love your idea of creating kits for yourself, which means you must already have your patterns ready for them. I have all of this ahead of me. Judy C

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    Ha! A true sign of a creative woman! My ironing board looks the same! Flat surface=place to put stuff. 🙂

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    Darlene S says

    This ironing board post reminded me of a recent experience that I had at a group sew day. She had a cover with a bare chested man laying down like the Cosmo centerfold pose (the old Burt Reynolds type)? He has a small towel covering anything private. But unbeknownst to most there, when you ironed on it — the towel disappeared with heat!!! It was so funny to hear the screams of laughter coming from the ironing area. The towel comes back after the cover cools down. She said she bought it at Paducah this year!! Has anyone else seen these?

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    Love it! That’s exactly how my big board ironing board looked when we took it down in El Paso. All that space and I used about 2′ across the front edge. Always had too much cr*p stored on the side and back. My board was fit into a closet, so made stacking towards the back a fine art. Had towers of stuff and it worked till a tower toppled over into my pressing area. Glad to see I am not alone!

    Now, Ernie made a big board top for my ironing board…and it sits out in the room and is the ONLY clean surface in the room!