Projects To Keep Me Busy

For those worried that I’m going to pack up all my fabric and have nothing left to work on til we move, that’s not going to happen!  This morning I came up with a plan and have it all set out on calendars for June and July.

Here’s a closeup view of what has to be done to finish out June.

Because I cannot work without lists or spreadsheets, here’s a chart of each quilt on the calendar and what’s been done and what needs to be done.

If everything gets done, that will be nine quilts finished before the end of July, without starting one new project.  If all the fabric is packed away except what I need for backing and bindings, that will pretty much guarantee no new projects.

Can I do it?  Can I finish nine quilts between now and the end of July?  Can I go for 6 weeks without starting new projects?  And, who knows how long it will be before my sewing is unpacked and I can start sewing again!  This is getting kinda scary!  🙂


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    Tina says

    As soon as you get to Brownsville, you’ll find the nearest quilt shop and start a new project. At least, I would. If anyone can get that much done in two months, you can.

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    I agree – the calendars/charts/spreadsheets would be way too much for me but I do enjoy a good HoneyDoList. Have you considered creating a couple kits to work on for when you get to TX and everythign else is still boxed up? It might be a good sanity saver of moving into a new situation/house/state.

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    I think you need to continue those monthly calenders and just schedule yourself some sewing time instead of just unpacking and organizing. Or just make a committment to do “seven bobbins of sewing a week”,

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    Marilyn Smith says

    If you can squeeze out the time I would cut out a couple of quilt kits so you would be ready when the need arises. Even take them in the car with you, along with your DSM and necessary tools, rulers, notions. That way you will have something to fall back on. And, some knitting projects should go in the car as well. Be Prepared – the old scout motto!

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    Thought I was the only one who did Excel records , etc to track my quilting projects!
    Think about packing a few things to work on and take along in the car so when you get to TX so you don’t forget what quilting is all about!

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    Judi – when I recently moved, I adapted another technique to my quilting… you know how you pack the “last/first” box – the one that has the coffee, the papertowels, the can opener?

    Well – I made a ‘last/first’ quilting box – in it went all the stuff I kept out the longest – and then could unpack first – one piecing project, plus basic sewing supplies… that way I could unpack one box, open the machine, and sew! It was a great stress reliever to have a moment of normalcy amidst all the chaos… good luck…

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    Julianne says

    I agree that the calanders and spread sheets would be to much for me.. Now lists, I do lists and proabably have about the same info on my lists as you do your spread sheets. I say that whatever works…works. LOL I know that I would be takeing some kits and my piecing machine in the car with me along with some hand work.

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    Maybe you should draw July’s UFO and color early so you can keep out fabric for those too… two new projects to keep your design juices flowing!

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    That’s it.. one look at your calender and I need a lie down in a dark room.. I’m exhausted just reading what you plan to achieve!
    I must admit I like to work to dead lines and spreadsheets, but they are nothing compared to yours.

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    I think I’d have to keep one sewing machine and a box of fabric out so I could do something during the time that the sewing room is packed and in transit. I’d have the shakes without access to anything!

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    Judy, I would never accuse you of sitting around with nothing to do!-) Will ‘stay tuned’ to see how your spread sheet plays out in reality. Great way to organize, though. Very much helps to keep a body on task.

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    Just don’t pack all your yarn & you will be fine. Either that or just make sure that you have computer access for purchases while you wait to get all settled in.

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    pdudgeon says

    yes, but the real challenge will be to see what you put your hands to first upon reaching Brownsville–quilting, knitting, cooking, or unpacking boxes!

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    Lydia says

    Judy, I thought the second Carpenter’s Star quilt was going to be BLUE, but here it’s showing up as BROWN everywhere…

    Did you change that plan?

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    Elizabeth McDonald says

    Judy, when I move I unpack the coffee pot and mugs first, set up and make the bed, and then I start working on the workroom! I have always hand-carried my beloved Pfaff, and my Sweetie hand-carries his beloved Pfaff too. It is too crazy making for me to have a complete withdrawal from fabric, machine and quilt books!

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    Becky I says

    Oh you can do it!!! I know you can. I went almost 4 months with out evening turning my sewing machine on during our remodel. I thought I was gonna loose my mind but I survived so I know you can do. Say it with me, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can……..”

  17. 22

    Becky I says

    Oh you can do it!!! I know you can. I went almost 4 months with out evening turning my sewing machine on during our remodel. I thought I was gonna loose my mind but I survived so I know you can do. Say it with me, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can……..”

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    Mary says

    Im sure you can! Just keep some yarn and needles handy too! I tend to do more knitting and crochet during my moves once stuff gets packed away.

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    Linda B in MI says

    You can do it Judy….as for the moving and getting back to sewing in Texas…put together a couple projects and the supplies and tools you will need, and of course whatever machine you want to sew on…pack them in your car along with your knitting projects and supplies, and a good book. This is what I do when we move and it really helps in making the transision till you get fully settled. and don’t forget the foot control and power cord…been there done that!!!!

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    Karen says

    Of course you can get all the projects done, but do you really want to? You might want to save something for when you get to Texas before you unpack all your sewing supplies. Also, don’t forget you can always fill in with knitting projects.

  21. 27


    Oh goodness…maybe I should pack everything up and that would keep me from starting a new project every darn week!
    Note to self…….ya gotta finish some of these quilts!

    good luck with the move… I hate moving but it does get you to clean out your sewing room!

    Happy Sewing

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    Elizabeth says

    NONRELATED question:

    I know you don’t like your flat stove top. There was one in the house we bought last year. I did my canning inspired by you to get back to it. We all thank you. Well, I was at Walmart, here in Alberta, and I spotted a cute little canner for pints only. I snatched it up and was happily reading the label which told me it was not suited to to glass cooktops. Here’s the question, is that true for all canners or just this model? Thanks again.